Why Brian Hoyer signing with 49ers is a good move

Why Brian Hoyer signing with 49ers is a good move

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Why Brian Hoyer signing with 49ers is a good move


On Wednesday, the 49ers finally added a quarterback to their roster. No, it wasn’t the much talked about Kirk Cousins, but rather former Browns, Texans, and Bears QB Brian Hoyer.

Hoyer, who played under new 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland, is a solid pickup for San Francisco.

In the last two seasons, Hoyer has guided one franchise to a division title, and in the next season, fired six touchdown passes and no interceptions in six games played.

While that last stat might not be exactly mind blowing, the truth is that Hoyer can play football, and he’s a solid quarterback.

In 2014, Hoyer, then with Cleveland, helped guide the Browns to a 7-4 record before a couple of subpar games led to his benching in favor of Johnny Manziel. Hoyer spent the next season in Houston, guiding the Texans to a division title before falling apart in the AFC Wild Card game Kansas City and tossing four interceptions in a 30-0 loss.

In 2016, Hoyer joined his 5th team in eight seasons, playing in six total games for the Chicago Bears.

The signing of Hoyer was something I thought about as far as two seasons ago, when I used to write for a different website. I always thought it would have been a good move for the 49ers at the time.

The numbers might not be great, but Hoyer played solid when you consider the young and unproven talent surrounding him last year. In San Francisco, Hoyer could excel.

…Hoyer could save the 49ers a boat load of money…

If you think this is a bad idea, the reality is, it’s an interesting idea and it’s quite possible that it could happen. The 49ers win all around. They save money, they get a new and solid QB to take over, and they now are players in free agency…

Now, two years later, Hoyer is indeed a 49er, in fact, he’s only the 49ers QB on the roster.

The move still leaves open the possibility that Kirk Cousins can become a 49er this season, however that’s highly doubtful. More than anything, it seems to show that San Francisco is ok with Hoyer starting this season (after signing a two year deal) and then the 49ers making a move for either Cousins or someone in the draft next year.

Either way you look at it, today’s signing of Hoyer was a good move for the 49ers.]]>

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