Happy Amateur Drinking Day You Non-Irish Pricks. Bruins Lose 7-4.

Happy Amateur Drinking Day You Non-Irish Pricks. Bruins Lose 7-4.


Happy Amateur Drinking Day You Non-Irish Pricks. Bruins Lose 7-4.


It is perfect that last night’s game came on the evening of St. Patrick’s Day. Much like last night’s hockey contest, tonight’s main event in bars all around Boston will consist of people throwing up on themselves, pissing their pants and stumbling over themselves.

I fucking hate St. Patrick’s Day. I get the actual sentiment behind the holiday. The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. Instead, a bunch of people who aren’t Irish go out to the bars in their shitty green shirts and get fucking plastered and eat the shittiest boiled dinnah you can find.

It is probably worse than New Year’s Eve, which is also a pretty big amateur hour drinking holiday.

Maybe I’m just an old, crotchety cunt now but I never really embraced the “Irish” culture of getting fucking shit-house drunk on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s just another day. Hell, two years ago Jon and I were in Pittsburgh to see a Bruins game.

While I’m on the topic of St. Patrick’s Day: fuck your green jersey too.

Unless you’re Minnesota, Dallas or any other NHL team where green is incorporated to your color scheme (sup, New Jersey) – don’t wear your green fucking practice jerseys. Don’t make O’Chara or O’Carlo t-shirts.


I’ve made the case before about why green jerseys are patronizing and just shit in general. Look at this shit:

What a horrible looking jersey. If you want to do a St. Patrick’s Day jersey – do what the Boston Celtics did. It’s relatively subtle , unlike it’s winter sport brethern counter part, and it looks good.

Also: Dropkick Murphys suck.

As for the recap?

That game was a bag of testicles. From the jump, the Oilers had control. The Bruins looked tired and the Oilers seemed to expose them a bit. I can’t blame the Bruins. The second game of a back-to-back sucks and it’s rare that the Bruins take the second game as well.

Brad Marchand scored #37. He continues to be elite.

David Pastrnak scored #31.

Dominic Moore tied his career high with 10 goals.

Tuukka Rask sucked.

The game was balls.


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