Thoughts on Saints re-signing CB Sterling Moore

Thoughts on Saints re-signing CB Sterling Moore


Thoughts on Saints re-signing CB Sterling Moore


I was very relieved to hear confirmation of Sterling Moore returning to the Saints on a 1 year contract today. I’ve been saying for a while now that the Saints need 3 more corners on this roster, preferably Malcolm Butler, Sterling Moore AND a rookie drafted high. That’s because the top four under contract (Delvin Breaux, P. J. Williams, Ken Crawley, Damian Swann) all ended 2016 on injured reserve. I don’t trust any of those guys to stay healthy. Maybe one or two of them work out but the way corner has gone from a health perspective, I want three more guys competing with those four because the working assumption has to be that at least one of two of the seven wouldn’t be healthy come week 1 of the regular system. That’s been the modus operandi – Saints corners get injured. They get injured early, often, and seriously. Now that Moore is back, that number is down to two. If the Saints don’t land Butler, I would be ok drafting two guys at this position. I still think Butler is the key to the Saints making the playoffs this year but at least two corners drafted in the 3rd round or higher could come in, compete and contribute.

Bringing back B. W. Webb would be good for competition, too, but I don’t think the pursuit of Butler is affected by whether or not Webb comes back. I don’t think Moore did anything to affect that either, by the way. Moore was unfairly stuck starting on the outside too often in 2016 and I feel a lot better if he’s playing in the slot more frequently where his skillset can shine.

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