Eat A Bag Of Dicks. Bruins Lose 4-3 In OT.

Eat A Bag Of Dicks. Bruins Lose 4-3 In OT.


Eat A Bag Of Dicks. Bruins Lose 4-3 In OT.


The clocked ticked down to zero. The horn blew. The score was lopsided. The first period ended and everyone who roots for the black and gold did the same thing:

But when the second period rolled around – something changed. Maybe they heard the bird’s booing? Maybe they heard the kids cooing? Maybe it was the heckling and hollering and screaming and hooting? With 15,000 plus as dejected as can be, the Bruins rolled out and scored a bunch of goals.

Actually, just three.

Noel Acciari, see he scored his first. He put the puck passed Anderson with a leap and a burst. The crowd sprung to their feet and were charged by the song of a nation of zombies, all singing alone.

The Sens did not have the chance to regroup as David Backes was the fly to their soup. He came bearing down on Bobby Ryan, the cunt, and shoveled one passed “Andy” with a gasp and a grunt. The crowd jumped up again and they clapped and they cheered. The people in Ottawa just chided and jeered.

The Bruins were focused and boy were they surging while Dion Phaneuf was slashing and purging. He was playing so poorly – afraid to drop mitts – and took a dumb penalty because Backes was giving him fits.

This put the Bruins up five men to three and as Turris left the box, the Garden felt glee. A little boy named David fired one through to make it three, three!

His first of the playoffs had just tied the game! Here comes the fortune, here comes the fame! But before all the apples and cellys and chicks, Tim Peel rolled into OT and became a huge dick.

You see, Tim Peel was a cunt and he has been all night. From dropping the puck to letting them fight. Apparently Tim needed to be the center of attention, needed all eyes on him because the penalty he called made him look quite dim.

Here the footage…

Please judge for yourself because Tim Peel couldn’t make a call with the Sprint guy on his shelf. Bobby Ryan was doing most Bobby Ryan things and hit Riley Nash in the head with his hand, but when Nash retaliated, he was now banned. He was sent to the box despite matching penalties all night, he was sent to the box and the call was a fright. It was ugly and stupid and pathetic to most while Marc Methot’s hand had no problem finding a host.

But when 4.5 found a host and the Bruins then acted, both were sent to the box and the teams then adapted. However in OT it seemed it was different. Tim Peel came along and wasn’t coherent. He sent off poor Riles to the box to serve two, while Bobby Ryan ended everything – this is true.

But it was still a bad change by the guy known as Chara and the Bruins – they lost – like running mascara. Now the Senators are up in the series, two games to one, but you have to win four until you can truly have fun.

Until Wednesday night, we’ll bitch and we’ll scream and we’ll drink and get sick, but Tim Peel – that cunt rag, can eat a bag full of dicks.

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