#BWinsCollegePreview Top 25 and Playoff Picks by @mack10zie

#BWinsCollegePreview Top 25 and Playoff Picks by @mack10zie

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#BWinsCollegePreview Top 25 and Playoff Picks by @mack10zie


Now that we have previewed all the Power 5 Conferences, it’s time for the top 25, and the playoff picks, so without further ado….

  1. Ohio State- Buckeyes look to avenge last year’s embarrassing semi-final loss.
  2. Alabama- In the playoff every year until further notice or Saban retires….
  3. Washington- A top 10 team that is somehow being overlooked.
  4. Florida State- How will the OL come together?  We will find out Saturday.
  5. Penn State- Probably best offense in NCAA.  Game at Ohio State will be fantastic.
  6. USC- Probably slightly overrated, but QB is the real deal.  Lost most of his weapons though.
  7. Oklahoma- Good roster, but unproven new coach.
  8. Oklahoma State- Not top 10 talent, but schedule sets up nicely.
  9. Wisconsin- All they do is win lots of games every single year.
  10. Clemson- They have to take a step-back after losing Watson, don’t they?
  11. Stanford- Games against USC and Washington will determine how high they go.
  12. Auburn- Big upgrade at QB, can they challenge Bama?
  13. Louisville- Lamar Jackson did win the Heisman last year, right?
  14. South Florida- Again, not on talent, but won’t have more than 1 loss.
  15. Florida- If QB is steady, this is too low, if not, this is too high.
  16. Georgia- Have QB and RB, do they have OL?
  17. LSU- Guice is nice, but no QB.  Guice will be in NY for the Heisman Ceremony.
  18. Michigan- Only returning 5 starters, will likely lose a game(s) they shouldn’t.
  19. Miami- Mark Richt has things headed in the right direction.
  20. Kansas State- Bill Snyder wins game, and schedules weak OOC.
  21. Virginia Tech- Their half of the ACC should lead to a few extra wins.
  22. Tennessee- Too much talent to not end up ranked, if not, bye bye Butch.
  23. Washington State- The mad Pirate will beat up on bad teams, and lose to the good ones.
  24. Houston- I think Herman’s old team wins more than his new one.
  25. Appalachian State- Slight homer pick, but will be favored in all but 1 game.

Playoff Picks

Ohio State beats FSU, and Bama gets Washington again in a rematch.

The two greatest coaches currently in college football face off, and this time, I give the nod to Urban Meyer and Ohio State to win the National Title.

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