List of Joe- Bills/Broncos recap: Politics...Tyrod balling...Tre White rebound

List of Joe- Bills/Broncos recap: Politics...Tyrod balling...Tre White rebound

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List of Joe- Bills/Broncos recap: Politics...Tyrod balling...Tre White rebound


1) Let’s give some love to Tyrod Taylor. This may have been his best game when you consider he didn’t have any semblance of a running game and Cordy Glenn was out. Tyrod had a QB rating of 120 which was the best he’s had since 2015. The guy missed just 6 throws which I’m sure the all-22 peanut gallery will investigate while ignoring all the jaw-dropping moves he made to avoid sacks. He was at his best when he lead the Bills on a 4-play, 69 yard (#nice) TD drive where he was 3 for 3 for 62 yards. The Bills also used Tyrod a lot on roll outs and play action. When you factor in how the DE/OLBs for the Broncos are very fast, using misdirection is something that can work against them. He was the best offensive player on the field today for the Bills. But…Let’s be honest, we know he needs to have better games than this since the Bills don’t really believe in him, but I think Arizona (or Denver???) is going to love him next year.

2) Props to Tre White. You guys know I like Stephon Gilmore, but White is filling his shoes very nicely. He also had a hell of a rebound after a really tough first half. I can’t recall too many DBs to have a LVP first half and an MVP second half: White lead the team with 4 PDs and stood his ground against some really tough competition at WR. I’m not willing to say Gaines/White are better than Darby/Gilmore as Sal Cappacio floated on Twitter because it is only 3 games and they got Matt F’N Ryan coming up on the schedule. Yet, they’ve done well for themselves when you consider White is a rookie and Gaines has been here for only 6 weeks. I didn’t have much confidence in the secondary heading into the season, but it is a unit that has jelled pretty quickly which is quite an accomplishment when you consider they never played together.

3) The Bills have not allowed a passing TD this season. That’s the first time they have done that in team history through the first 3 games. 

3A) Shaq Lawson very quietly has 3 sacks in 3 games. Somewhere, Rex and Doug Whaley are trying to take credit for him.

4) I thought the Broncos really screwed this game up. They out-gained the Bills by almost 100 yards, but they shot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties, turnovers, and terrible play-calling. They were running the ball effectively by averaging 4.8 YPC, but their running backs only had 20 attempts. On the other hand, the team decided to pass the ball 40 times which seems over the top when you have Trevor Seimian back there. Also, the fake punt? Woof. And the Von Miller taunt? LOLOLOL. Thank God that didn’t happen to us or Bills Twitter Dad would have been really pissed off.

5) I can already read the tea leaves that it seems like this may be the final year for Dareus here. When the coach – who hardly says anything remotely interesting- says to an NFL reporter that he doesn’t think Dareus is really buying in, that’s trouble. The Bills treated Dareus with kid gloves last year, but the gloves are off. They aren’t into tough love anymore and they seem to be just poking at the bear. I mean, maybe they are trying to reverse psychology here. I heard a few hosts on WGR act as if “Dareus is just another guy with this defense” after the game, but I’m not about to say that. It is just one game and Denver ran pretty effectively against the Bills. That’s something worth watching when you consider plugging up the middle is what #99 does best. While I’m hoping the Bills/Dareus get on the right track, time is running out and both entities don’t seem to care at this point.

6) Demariyus Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders had 13 catches on 24 targets. That’s a very good defensive percentage for completion.

7) McCoy’s 7 catches today tied for the most he’s had as a Bill.

8) The Bills rushing attack has been a mess over the last two games, rushing for just 144 yards.  In his last two games, McCoy has 9 and 21 yards rushing. He’s averaged .75 YPC over his last two games which are in the bottom five for his career in a game. I mean, Tyrod Taylor is their leading rusher over those games. I don’t know if it is the system or missing Glenn, or both, but this isn’t working so far. I keep pounding the desk at wanting the Bills to run more out of shotgun, but out of the 33 times they were in the formation, they only ran McCoy 3 times.  The I formation while bunching everyone together and not having the guards pull isn’t working so far. Spread the field off running plays, will you? Dennison may have had a nice day with calling the Tyrod roll outs, but his philosophy for rushing the football hasn’t been there.

9) The Bills had just 10 yards of offense in the 1st quarter, but 262 the rest of the way.

10) Mike Tolbert (11) had 3 fewer carries than McCoy (14). That seems dumb.

11) The Broncos had 9 drives that resulted in 7 plays or fewer.

12) Sean McDermott seems to be a good manager of players and their personalities, but not so much in the game manager department. I don’t ever wanna see a team try and draw someone off sides on a 4th and 2 in the opponents territory. Also, manage your fucking timeouts better.

13) Final Bills word: Give the Bills credit, they played against a very talented Denver team. I didn’t give them much of a shot, but turnovers, Tyrod, and the secondary really came up big today. I’m not about to jump on the bandwagon, but I will give the team credit for fighting today. Amazingly enough, they are a dropped pass away from being 3-0. Atlanta is going to be a massive test. I’m not expecting a win, but if they keep it close, it will definitely count as a win in trusting the process.

Now for some political takes:

14) I’m not the most articulate person in the world. I’m especially not that articulate when it comes to politics. So, I’m going to do my best. If you followed the Buffalo Wins Twitter feed, you’ll know right away that we think Donald Trump is not a nice person. The race issues this country is going through right now are at a boiling point because of people like Donnie. The president doesn’t give a fuck about uniting this country. He only cares about placating to his pathetic base and knows that “Disrespecting the flag” is on their hit list.

15) Now, allow me to say this from the top of the Cliffs of Insanity:


Stop making this about that. White people hate talking about race because it makes them uncomfortable and they will do anything to avoid it. They don’t want to live in a world where they think African Americans don’t get pulled over by cops because of their skin color. So, they pivot to talk about some moral turpitude involving disrespecting the military when that’s not what this is about. Show me a quote where any player says “I’m doing this cause I hate the military” That’s fake news, fucker. This is about protesting police brutality and racism which is running rampant in this country. Stop making it about the left vs right or about yourself because you are so driven by spite towards the other side. You’d have to be a blind idiot if you don’t understand what the guys are protesting or are in denial with what is happening. You want to know what’s worse than sitting down during a 45 second song? Having to live in a country where racial prejudice is running amuck and how our dip shit president wants the NFL to be more violent.

16) Now, allow me to say this from the top of The Wall:


(Editor’s note: The anthem also hasn’t had the ‘everyone stands’ feature that long either – since 2009. So all of these junior patriots are complaining about something the military PAID THE NFL TO DO. Life’s fun when you research!)

I’m sorry, but I’ve been to enough Bills games to know how fans are. They drink as much as possible prior to the game and they will synchronize their watch to be in their seats by kickoff so they can enjoy Pinto Kenny’s bowling shots longer. And guess what? I’ve been that asshole who doesn’t need to see the anthem because I’m getting food or I’m pissing my 6 pregame beers away in a bathroom stall. So, stop with your football boycotts because you probably couldn’t remember the last anthem you sat through sober.

17) You want to know why we shouldn’t stick to just sports? It is because the only way to get the word out is when there are more eyes watching. The NFL is king and gets as many casual viewers watching their product more than CNN/Fox News. When LeSean McCoy or Richard Sherman talk about racism in this country, it is going to reach way more people than if any other congressman or senator does it.  Aside from the fact they can say whatever they want because they are citizens, they should also have a say because the majority of players give money to charities.

I’ve heard so many dipshits this weekend try and act like these guys don’t do a damn thing off the field. Hell, they have done way more for the community than I or anyone probably reading this piece has. So, the stick to sports rhetoric is bullshit. People like Jimmy Kimmel or Colin Kaepernick should have a say because as celebrities, their points registers more. If Clint Eastwood, Richie Incognito or Tim Allen comes out and talk about loving what Trump is doing, I have every right to say they are wrong, but I won’t ever play #sticktoacting or sports takes.

18) I’m happy with the way the Bills and a few other teams established the rhetoric of not approving what president dip shit said. However, this shouldn’t be the end. If these owners want to be taken serious, stop contributing money to Donald Trump or any campaign that supports these sorts of views. I know you love your 401K, having tax breaks, and being able to frack without government involvement, but have a fricken conscious and put aside money for a change. People are dying and being harassed in this country because of color and the leader of this country doesn’t give a fuck about any of us.  The only time he’s in touch with the people is when he’s looking down to see who he’s stepping on. I don’t know about you, but rich or poor, wouldn’t you want your legacy to be that you helped people so they can pass on how great of a person you were rather than being rich?

19) #takeaknee #imwithkaep

20) Lastly, Donald Trump better be careful. The NFL is filled with a lot of rich and powerful people who come from every walk of life imaginable. I’m not talking owners…I’m talking players. Most came from nothing to be something. Most came from being pulled over because of skin color and understand more than I will ever know what it is like to be discriminated. Plus, they are richer and more likable than your lying ass. So, when you try and take the players on, they are going to have way more pull with the public than anyone else you’ve bullied.

Unlike other politicians who have to play nice with you for some bipartisan law they want passed, these players don’t need a fucking thing from you and they have nothing to lose. They will say you are an asshole to your face and there’s nothing you can do about it. The NFL hasn’t been in a good standing lately, but his words have united a fractured league.


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