Week 4 Mailbag

Week 4 Mailbag


Week 4 Mailbag


What’s up, Colts fans? Unlike Week 2, last Sunday the boys in blue managed to prevent their head coach from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, earning a 31-28 win over the Cleveland Browns. I know some people were disappointed, thinking “we struggled with the Browns,” but winning in the NFL isn’t easy. and so you take every “W” you can get.

Let’s see what’s on your minds….

Q: Speculation says Luck will start participating in practice soon, if not already starting this week. How long do you think we wait until we see him in a game? – Kimberly

Several in the Indy media floated the story that Andrew would begin practicing soon and was eyeing a Week 6 return. Here it is Friday, and we’ve yet to see him. Yours truly floated the conspiracy theory that Charles Pagano referred to the 49ers rather than the Rams in his Week 1 post game presser precisely because he was aggravated by the play of Tolzien, there was a plan in place for Andrew to return, and he was already looking ahead (the 49ers are the Week 5 opponent). I mean, it’s possible. My theory didn’t sound far-fetched, but since Andrew hasn’t practiced yet, I’d be shocked if he plays that game.

Yesterday I saw something suggesting he won’t play until November, and now I’m suspicious. I’m beginning to think this “will return to practice soon” stuff is something floated by the Colts in order to keep fans from losing all hope and selling tickets – because that’s exactly what will happen if word gets out that he’s not returning soon, or at all this season.

I hate to say I don’t know, but at this point I have no clue.

Q: Assuming Davis is back, who loses snaps in the defensive backfield? – Wild Joe

It’s Friday morning and the official injury report for Sunday isn’t out yet, but it sounds like Vontae is indeed good to go for this Sunday. The obvious answer right now is Quincy Wilson. It’s looking like he won’t even play Sunday, which is unfortunate because he needs the reps. If he were healthy, you’d be looking at a foursome of Melvin and Davis as the starters, with Wilson, Desir and Hairston in reserve.

Unlike last season, when Vontae also did not return from injury until Week 4, the Colts have better depth and have the luxury of allowing him to get his legs under him. Last season they had no choice, and although Vontae was cleared to play, his legs just weren’t ready.

As for a long term answer to your question, it’s going to be either Desir or Hairston, assuming of course that Wilson’s injury isn’t serious (it doesn’t sound like it is – sounds like it’s a sprain).

Q: What good and bad can we take away from Sunday’s game? – Amy Louise

The good is pretty obvious: They won. Brisket played well and played within his strengths. TY Hilton finally got in a bit of a groove, something I expected to happen after another week of getting to practice with the new QB. The defense played well for the most part, getting decent pressure and forcing turnovers.

The bad: The team is doomed as long as Charles Pagano is head coach. He just does not know how to adjust when team’s adjust to the Colts. He never has. He doesn’t know how to put a game away. I didn’t have any problem with them running the ball at the end to eat clock, but why on earth do you just run the same play up the middle three straight times? At least try to get a first down. A first down and the game ends without Cleveland ever getting the ball back. #ChuckNay. Jack Doyle was a bit of a disappointment as well, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. I wouldn’t be surprised if he catches 8 passes or something this weekend.

Q: Although the Colts don’t exactly have a strong team thus far this year, the division looks like it is still up for grabs with no clear runaway favorite. What are the Colts chances of winning the AFC South and who is our biggest threat? – Nick

This is both a good and infuriating question. It’s infuriating because as everything stands right now, the Colts would be easy favorites to win the division if Luck were healthy. Since he isn’t, things are much less rosier, but there is still some hope. If Brisket can continue to play well and the defense can continue to step up, anything’s possible. Right now though, I’d say Tennessee is the team most likely to win it. I mentioned earlier a Week 5 return for Luck. Well, the Titans are the opponent for Week 6.

Q: Do you think Hugh Hefner died because the Colts had to fight for a win against CLE last weekend? – Kimberly

Nope. Look, men usually die around age 70, 72. Hef made it to 91. It wasn’t the Colts who killed him. The women finally caught up to him.

Q: Whatsh up Jeffershon? How can I convinsh Irshay to let me shtay around? Do we have to hoisht the Lombardi thish year? Shighned, Charlesh P. – Gritty Charles Pagano

Well Charles, I hate to break it to you, but no one likes you. We don’t want your damn grit, we want wins. I don’t care if Luck’s hurt, you’re still an incompetent bozo who has no idea how to manage a game. While Jim Irsay may take pity on you, Chris Ballard is going to send you packing. The downside to this is we’re going to have to sit through another season of your nonsense before it happens.


See you soon, Colts fans.



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