Fans Want Red Sox to Replace “Sweet Caroline”

Fans Want Red Sox to Replace “Sweet Caroline”

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Fans Want Red Sox to Replace “Sweet Caroline”


After the Houston Astros ended the Boston Red Sox season, fans of the American League East champs started calling for change.

First, it was a cry for the team to get rid of manager John Farrell. Boston obliged a couple days later. Now, fans want their beloved BoSox to give their unofficial anthem the boot.

That’s right…following the Red Sox loss last Monday, a petition surfaced over at demanding Boston ditch “Sweet Caroline” in favor of the Tom Petty hit “I Won’t Back Down”. Apparently, like the team, it’s time to embrace their youth.

“It’s a new era of Boston Red Sox baseball featuring exciting young players,” the petition’s organizer posted.”Therefore it’s time to retire ‘Sweet Caroline’ and move on to something to represent the new era of Red Sox baseball.”

Now, it’s one thing for the Florida Gators to adopt the song of Gainesville’s most popular native sons (check out THIS VIDEO from right after Petty’s passing)…it’s a completely different thing to try and represent a “new era” with a song older than a vast majority of the team.


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