Thibs, You Should Explore A Trade For Eric Bledsoe

Thibs, You Should Explore A Trade For Eric Bledsoe

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Thibs, You Should Explore A Trade For Eric Bledsoe


Dear Thibs,

I don’t know if you’re on Twitter (or not), but did you see this on Bledsoe’s Twitter account?

And the tweet before that?

No Thibs, Mr. Bledsoe wasn’t laughing at you. He was responding to this tweet:

What. A. Controversy!

Also, did you read this headline:

Or this one?

And most recently, this one?


You could sense the exaggeration in the position Sports Illustrated has taken, but they’re not wrong about this fact: there’s a lot of dysfunction in Phoenix, and Eric Bledsoe has had enough of it.

Which begs the question: what are you going to do about it, Thibs?

As the President of Basketball Operations, are you going to try to improve this team by rescuing Mr. Bledsoe from the depths of despair?

There’s this scenario, which the fans agree with:

Could you imagine the reactions, if you were able to pull off this trade?

There’s, unfortunately, this roadblock:

Bleh, I guess this puts an end to your plans?

We (the fans) could only dream, right.

But you Thibs, you can’t afford to dream. You were paid the big bucks to explore trade scenarios.

And explore a trade for Bledsoe, you should because when you do, who knows: you might pull off the (second) biggest trade in Timberwolves history (behind Jimmy Butler).

You never know, Thibs.

You never know until you explore.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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