List of Joe - My thoughts on the Bills benching Tyrod Taylor

List of Joe - My thoughts on the Bills benching Tyrod Taylor

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List of Joe - My thoughts on the Bills benching Tyrod Taylor


1) What this means – Whether you agree or don’t agree, I think the Bills realize that their 5-2 start was done with smoke and mirrors and that’s why they are making this move. You don’t make a move to a 5th round rookie QB unless you think the season is basically over. This move does not make them better today. PERIOD. So, if you are in the world of wanting a top pick and tanking, you should be happy because the Bills are easily on their way to a top 10 pick.

2) Your POV on Tyrod-While I do think the 5-2 start was a flawed one, I don’t place all the blame Tyrod for the recent skid. I thought he played well against the Jets and the defense/offensive turnovers fucked up that game. Saints game? Yes. He was awful, but so was the defense. Outside of the Carolina/Saints game, Tyrod has been fine this year. I know haters measure him in comparison to Tom Brady/Drew Brees, but you have to look at the overall body of work for entire team. I get you may want a 4,000 yard passer. We all do. But my issue is the hyberbole that comes into play when he has a bad game. It is just how you get to your point of wanting to get rid of Tyrod. After Tyrod had a great game against the Bucs, I still get mentions on him missing a throw in the 2nd quarter. Every miss he makes gets over-analyzed like Kennedy magic bullet theory.

After the Saints game, you would have thought this was every game he’s ever played. The haters have been waiting for this Tyrod game to shape a narrative of WANTING THAT WHITE WHALE at franchise QB. For shit sakes, we got Jeremy White tweeting that we shouldn’t mention how bad the defense was for giving up 47 FUCKING POINTS AND 300 YARDS RUSHING because it is all about Tyrod and that’s the only thing that matters. The Tyrod haters fail to mention an archaic system that has killed our running game, 500 different WR combos, Jordan Mills, and a defense that fucking blows. Seriously, stop placing ALL of the team’s blame on Tyrod and ignoring the bigger issues.

3) Peterman ERROR begins – Let’s talk about Nathan Peterman….He’s going to struggle. When you have someone like Dak Prescott -who played out of his mind as a 4th round rookie QB- you get a bunch of idiots who think you can draft anyone in those rounds and they’ll be just as good. WRONG. Here’s the list of QBs taken in the 5th round since 1990.

Outside of Mark Brunell, this is a garbage list! Going back to Tyrod’s stats, you know if Peterman has like 200 yards passing, those same fans who crapped all over Tyrod, are going to act like this is progress. “Oh, he’s a rookie. Give him time. Oh, he gets the ball out fast for those 5-yard slants.” It will be a total reversal of fortune. If Peterman was a guy who was drafted within the first two rounds, I could understand the logic of wanting to see him play because that’s an investment you want to see Pan out because of where he was drafted. However, he’s a QB picked in round 5 which is normally a crap bed for QBs. Hence, I don’t get the fixation for wanting to see Peterman play. For a guy like Peterman, you make the move when you are 2-7, not 5-4.

4) Never wanted Tyrod- I feel awful for Tyrod. Since last year, he’s had a bum rap here by a few media members, fans, and more importantly, the Bills themselves. Doug Whaley/Russ Brandon wanted him gone last year. Hell, they benched him in the season finale after having a career game against Miami. Then, the Bills made him take a pay cut, decided to jettison his best offensive weapon in Sammy Watkins, bring in an OC whose system doesn’t fit the QB, and then bench him after the team gave up 300 YARDS RUSHING AGAINST THE SAINTS.  Pockets of the media made Peterman’s bullshit preseason out to be Steve Young in training. That’s how bad it was for him. What fucking fan base/media crew make a big fucking deal out of a 5th round rookie QB who completes 50% of his passes in the fucking preseason? THIS FUCKING ONE.  However, the silver lining for Tyrod is that he gets to leave this place. Go free, young lad.  Find a team that actually wants you and isn’t treating you as a QB crash dummy. As I wrote after every game this season, Denver/Arizona are going to love Tyrod.

5) This move has to be going over like a fart in church with the locker room. Tyrod is respected by those guys and to hand the keys to a rookie QB picked in the 5th round? Good luck defending “our dirt” on that move.

6) Call your agent – This move once again indicates that if you were a Doug Whaley/Buddy Nix holdover, you better put your home up for sale right now. Trust the process? More like don’t trust McBeane. I’ve said since day one that some of this is to be expected. It is what happens when you have a new GM/Coach take over the team. The problem I have is when you seem to be just trading guys away merely for the fact they aren’t your guys.

You bring in Mike Tolbert, who is absolute garbage, because he’s YOUR guy. You trade Kelvin Seymour – who was your 3rd CB last year – for a WR YOU picked in Carolina and who isn’t on your team anymore. You trade Dareus because you love the DTs that YOU found on the scrap heap. You deal Sammy, but then you trade for the WR that YOU picked. Tyrod Taylor is benched for a QB that YOU picked in the 5th round. Notice the YOU in all CAPS. You better all pray that Brandon Beane knows how to draft players, because he’s getting rid of guys who I think can still contribute.

[Outgoing Editor’s Note – Brandon Beane wasn’t GM of record when picks were made draft wise, so it’s either a Whaley/McDermott decision or McDermott with Whaley trapped in a loo sort of deal – Rich]

7) Bills spin/bleak outlet – All-in-all, I think the worst is still yet to come. I think the Bills are going to get rid of more veterans in the off season and we are going to have an even more full-on rebuild. Brace yourself, but the playoff drought is going to hit 20 years. And that’s where the rub lies. It sucks that two weeks ago the Bills were sitting 5-2. This seemed to be the perfect time to end the drought with how bad the AFC was. Every Bills fan wants to end the drought. Maybe that blinds us a bit because we’d take a wildcard game that culminates in the Steelers whipping our asses by 50.

The Bills can of course spin it that being around .500 isn’t the ultimate goal and taking two steps back, means they will take 4 steps forward. “Hey! We aren’t in this to go 9-7! We are in it to win a Super Bowl and this team wasn’t going to do that!” It is basically the defense for why they cut Flutie/Bledsoe. Still, benching Tyrod doesn’t make you better and that’s my problem here.

If the Bills were 2-7, I could understand the move. But the fact that they are still in the hunt and it looked so good prior to the Jets game, makes this pill harder to swallow.

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