Recap: Big Boy Hockey! BRUINS WIN!!!

Recap: Big Boy Hockey! BRUINS WIN!!!


Recap: Big Boy Hockey! BRUINS WIN!!!


It’s way too late to be writing this but that’s where we’re at on this western vacation the Bruins find themselves on. This will be a pretty quick recap and I can’t guarantee it will be pretty because goddamn. It’s time for sleep.

Let’s not bother with all the usual nonsense and get right into it shall we?

-Charlie McAvoy scored the first of the Bruins goals tonight and it was quite pretty if I do say so myself.

-I am also elated to provide you with the information that Zdeno Chara scored a goal tonight friends. Not only that but he played a really solid game tonight.

Regardless of my criticisms of him in the past, Chara will always be one of my favorite monster men.

-Tim Schaller, at least as far as my eyes can tell, appeared to have had a pretty decent game for himself this evening, albeit a frustrating one. There were a couple of really decent shots he made that just couldn’t get past Quick.

I find I’m often amused by Schaller. He intrigues me but I can’t quite tell you why. There’s just something about the way he plays that interests me.

-Anton Khudobin. Now, we are all aware that I am a Tuukka Rask #1 Goalie type of person, correct? Okay good. That being said, Khudobin had a pretty decent night overall. He made some timely saves and looked pretty solid out there.

We’ve been over and over my feelings about Khudobin and it’s late so I don’t think we need to have that whole discussion again. Let’s just say he was good tonight and move on.

-The LA Kings in the first period. Here’s a visual recap of what they spent most of their time doing in the first:

Thank you for randomly crashing into the ice multiple times for no real reason and providing me with such enjoyment you soggy old sea cucumbers.

-Dustin Brown for having such a slappable face because it’s nice to know that at least there’s someone I can justifiably hate on the Kings still instead of the random irrational hate I have for the rest of them.

-Anze Kopitar was unable to contain his stick this evening. At one point he basically shoved the blade of it in someone’s face (I can’t remember who exactly, but I think it was maybe Acciari?). The refs though? No call. Oh. Okay.

-Injuries are garbage and I hate them. It’s getting to the point of ridiculousness and I can only imagine how frustrating this nonsense is for the players and coaches. Speaking of injuries, shortly after getting his goal, McAvoy was headed down the tunnel and I was just flabbergasted. Thankfully he did come back but these injuries?

-At one point Heinen took what appared to be a clean hit and Pastrnak took offense to it and decided to scrap with the dude that hit him. Bergeron also got involved. Typically I’m all whatever about things like this but right now this team is being held together by wishes and dreams and duct tape and they really can’t afford any more injuries.

-Me for trying to watch the Kings feed on gamecentre. I don’t recommend doing that. At one point Quick tripped backwards over Acciari’s skate as Acciari was passing by him and from the way they reacted you’d have thought that Acciari had removed his skate and straight up shanked Quick in the face with it.

-West coast games and this comes from someone who lives in the west. I can’t imagine trying to stay up and watch them if you’re living in the east. You guys are troopers for sure.

-I don’t even know anymore but it’s probably injury related unknowns like when is Marchand coming back? Also, is Backes doing okay? That’s a pretty serious surgery and I legitimately hope it went well and he’s recuperating well.

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