Bearcats BlogCast: 3B

Bearcats BlogCast: 3B

Cincinnati Bearcats

Bearcats BlogCast: 3B


Chris and I are back for this week’s Bearcats BlogCast, in which we perform a deep dive into the first month of the basketball season. That is also known as the Bearcats basketball breakdown, or in other words, 3B. This paragraph is pretty simple because we discuss the AAC, what we have seen through the first month, who’s been good, who’s been bad, who’s been okay and discuss what teams are looking good for March.

The second half of the podcast is a look at the Bearcats themselves. While using the win over Mississippi State as a backdrop, Chris and I touch on the entire roster. We love up Gary Clark even more than usual because he is a basketball angel. We talk about what we think have been some of the offensive issues for the team, turnovers cough cough, and what Mick Cronin will do to counter. We also talk about the bench and what it means for next season.

We end the podcast by discussing a little signing day. We really show off our recruiting prowess, so you can go ahead and cancel that 247 subscription.

Like previous editions of the show, you can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and anywhere else podcasts are found for that matter. If there are more places you want the podcast, I will provide them. As always, thank you for your support. It’s greatly appreciated.

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