HOVG Podcast: 2017 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)

HOVG Podcast: 2017 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)

Hall of Very Good

HOVG Podcast: 2017 Top Ten Episodes (Part Two)


What were the ten most listened to Hall of Very Good Podcast episodes from 2017? It’s funny you should ask.

Here they are five of them!

5. Bruce Prichard (Episode 60)
Bruce Prichard, host of the popular “Something to Wrestle with” podcast, joins the boys to tell them all about what happened when Pete Rose ended up in the WWF/WWE (and, subsequently, their Hall of Fame) and how he’s the perfect heel, the relationship between Wade Boggs and “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig and who came up with the ill-fated Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz gimmick.


4. Brian Kenny (Episode 54)
MLB Network host Brian Kenny joins the boys to talk about boxing alongside Mike Tyson, breaks down the 2017 Hall of Fame ballot, looks ahead to the Class of 2018, explains why “Major League 2” is better than its predecessor and, along with Lou, questions Shawn’s life choices.


3. Scott Patterson (Episode 73)
Actor-turned-musician Scott (“Gilmore Girls”) Patterson joins the boys to talk about his seven-year minor league baseball career, what it’s like going one-on-one against Don Mattingly, hanging out with Bobby Bonds, shares the advice Sandy Koufax gave him and previews the new EP from his band SMITHRADIO.


2. AJ Benza (Episode 88)
Celebrated gossip columnist and podcast host A.J. Benza joins the boys to talk about about whether or not he believes Kevin Costner almost ended Cal Ripken Junior’s streak, compares Aroldis Chapman to Dwight Gooden, reveals what he thinks might’ve cost the 2003 New York Yankees a World Series championship (hint…it rhymes with “brocaine”), all but confirms the Derek Jeter gift basket rumors and shares some stories about getting bombed with certain members of the Bronx Bombers.


1. Phil Hecken (Episode 75)
Phil Hecken, weekend editor (and “bench coach”) for the Uni Watch Blog, joins the boys to talk about those hideous things the Arizona Diamondbacks are wearing, the best (and worst) uniforms in the Majors, why baseball needs to tone down their special jerseys and why 1969 might have been the greatest looking year on the diamond.

What else made the list? Click HERE for 6-10.


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