Kerry Wood: John Cusack is “Like a Vampire”

Kerry Wood: John Cusack is “Like a Vampire”

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Kerry Wood: John Cusack is “Like a Vampire”


During the Chicago Cubs World Series run in 2016, celebrity fans of the Loveable Losers came out of the woodwork.

From Eddie Vedder to Bill Murray, the postgame celebrations were a veritable who’s who of celebrity super fans. Among those that managed to make his way into the good graces of the team…Evanston-native John Cusack.

Even though his finished up his career on the northside in 2012, former Cubs fireballer Kerry Wood still found himself part of the action and in the company of the “Eight Men Out” star.

“He’s a like a vampire – he’s just gone,” Wood said. You’ll be talking to him, turn around and he’s just gone. Then I’ll talk to him, like, three months later. I think he’s part vampire. The whole playoff run, he was a mess, he was calling me and texting me in the middle of the night at 4 in the morning. He was a mess.”

If this is true (and wouldn’t it be?)…this might be saddest thing since Lloyd Dobler offered Diane Court his heart and all he got in return was a pen.


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