The future of SaintsNation: It's been fun, but all good things eventually end.

The future of SaintsNation: It's been fun, but all good things eventually end.


The future of SaintsNation: It's been fun, but all good things eventually end.


SaintsNation is coming to an end. I won’t beat around the bush, that’s what this is about. I’ve decided to write a bit below about why, but more than that its to focus on thanking you guys for reading our work, and being awesome fans that have made this whole experience so much fun. For those who are TLDR go to the bottom and you’ll see how we’re going to handle the future for the staff as well as the podcasts (don’t worry they aren’t going anywhere).

I’ve written for several different Saints related blogs over the last few years, but SaintsNation is where I got my start, and we really do have some of the best fans and support out there. It’s been fun looking at free agency, the draft, scouting upcoming opponents, doing predictions based on the schedule, building a podcast, and everything else we’ve done over the last few years. But, the best part has always been the interactions we’ve gotten from all of you, and that’s really the fun part of blogging. Is it cool to look to family and friends when one of your articles gets quoted or retweeted by the player you wrote it about? Hell yea it is! However, it’s a lot more fun to write something and get to have a discussion with other fans you’ve never met who are just as passionate about your team as you are.

A year ago this process began when the creator of SaintsNation Andrew Juge decided it was time to retire from blogging. I volunteered to try and keep the site up and running and I did the best I could with the time I had available, but this isn’t my baby and you all deserve a better level of content and more consistency than what we’ve been able to offer here. There was a time when you could come to SN and have a new article to read just about everyday, but we haven’t been able to meet that standard and won’t be able to going forward. The biggest reason we’re letting the site go is we can’t meet the standard of content you all deserve, and so we’ll be joining with another site (clarified below) to still give you similar posts and content, but where you can enjoy more consistency and selection than we’ve been able to provide. Below I’ve outlined the future of the staff as well as the podcasts from the site and where you’ll be able to find them going forward.

Happy Hour Podcast:

The hijinks and fun of Ralph, Andrew, Dave, and Kevin when he shows up is always a highlight of the week and the best way possible to drive in to work in the morning. The podcast can still be found on Itunes, on podbean, and will still post on Canal Street Chronicles every week. You’re favorite Saints podcast isn’t going anywhere, you just won’t find it here.

SaintsNation Podcast:

Brian, Chris, and Patrick(the original chris), will still be hosting shows every week. The podcast will not be posting on Canal Street Chronicles, but can also be found on Itunes (provided we didn’t screw up), and the podbead app.

Brian and the staff:

Myself and most of the guys will be taking our talents to Canal Street Chronicles to work with John Hendrix and his team over there. We’d love to see you all in the comment sections when we post over there (except for Patrick because we all know…he never posts anything).

The SaintsNation twitter and Facebook group:

Are going nowhere myself and Andrew will still be frequent posters on both and you can still expect jubilant celebrations when the Saints are playing well, and ranting and raving (usually Brian) when they aren’t. We’ll also be doing some stuff with the Facebook group over the offseason to get you guys involved and get more inclusive with podcast. Stay tuned for those announcements.



Final Note:

A final thank you to Andrew for bringing me on a few years ago and for letting me try to keep his site running for at least another year, a big thank you to the guys for contributing when you can and making this fun, and most of all a thank you to the readers, the fans, and even the critics for giving us things to work on. We appreciate you all taking the time to read our work, and remember this is goodbye for SN, but not for our writing or for our love of the team.

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