Lenny Dykstra Outs Charlie Sheen as Bisexual

Lenny Dykstra Outs Charlie Sheen as Bisexual

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Lenny Dykstra Outs Charlie Sheen as Bisexual


A day after Lenny Dykstra made headlines by claiming Charlie Sheen was responsible for the death of one of his longtime compatriots, he dropped another bombshell.

Following his explosive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Nails” took to Facebook to share more of Sheen’s secrets. This time, it was all about his sexuality.

“If his drug and alcohol addiction was not the culprit, what was it that caused Charlie’s cataclysmic fall? What catapulted Charlie Sheen into personal and professional oblivion?” Dykstra asks. “In short, Charlie Sheen is bisexual.”

Basically, Dykstra’s point is that the former “Two and a Half Men” star, who, in 2015 revealed he was HIV positive, does all the crazy stuff he does not because he’s horribly addicted to drugs and alcohol…it’s because he is not comfortable with his own sexuality.

Say what?

So why is the three-time All-Star spilling the beans on his former pal’s deepest, darkest secrets?

“I am not a saint,” Dykstra said, “but I will not tolerate a man beating a woman.”

And who said chivalry is dead?

You’ve gotta think this won’t be the last time Dykstra goes after his former buddy.


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