Touchdowns and Tangents: Ain't No Lemon Pepper Wings in God's Plan

Touchdowns and Tangents: Ain't No Lemon Pepper Wings in God's Plan

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Touchdowns and Tangents: Ain't No Lemon Pepper Wings in God's Plan


What’s in the title?


Ain’t No Lemon Pepper Wings in Wakanda was the original title because Kenny likes to make as many Black Panther references as possible. However, they settle on Ain’t No Lemon Pepper Wings in God’s Plan as a tribute to how they settled beef with a Drake song on some chicken a year ago.

Aint No Lemon Pepper Wings in God’s Plan

This broadcast is like going to the food spot down the block after being mad hesitant about it for three weeks but once you’re like damn, “My whole life has changed, since you came in.” Genuine still the G.O.A.T.
Kenny & Pete bring you the latest free agency, college football & franchise tag news. There’s some Rams and Raiders rants. Then the pre-combine analysis happens. Calls were taken & takes were made. People get cut off by Pete’s quick hang up button. Shout out to Smittys Famous Fish & Chicken.
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Kenny and Pete go on an unexpected tangent and debate about race, social justice and gun control. They go from seemingly about to throw blows about mental illness and race to essentially agreeing.

Established 9–22–16 in Los Angeles and a hood food spot near you.

We’re a professional quality podcast recorded in a studio by two professional journalists. This show is always live and topical. We’ve got over 60 episodes and have been bodying the sports competition for almost four years. Sports media lie, our archives do not.

This podcast is more than a football podcast for football heads by football heads. TDs & Tangents features topical tangents and endless banter surrounding the NFL, culture, and society. That means race, sex, hip hop, food, politics, economics, religion and almost everything else comes up during this football podcast.

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