Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: Sam Carchidi Doesn’t Delete Tweets

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: Sam Carchidi Doesn’t Delete Tweets


Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: Sam Carchidi Doesn’t Delete Tweets


You see, a lot of good people can say some pretty dumb shit every now and then on the internet. Hell, it even happens to the best of us! Take, for instance, this tweet from yours truly.

Now, I’m not gonna dive into the mentions of this tweet, but let’s just say a couple of people you’re probably family with (*cough, cough* Jesse Marshall and G-Off) weren’t very happy with my assertion that Americans who call soccer “football” are assholes. You see, I could’ve done what every other person does in this type of situation where ones fires off a tweet thinking it’s going to be awesome and it’s going to get a ton of likes/retweets before realizing in about 30 seconds that it’s gone horribly wrong and abruptly deleting said tweet. But you know what? I didn’t delete the tweet. I chose to live with the consequences and preserve my poor tweet as a learning experience. Sure, I only have approximately 37 followers, but damn it, I took the backlash like a man (and still do to this day)!

Let’s take a look at another fine example of a poor tweet gone horribly wrong.

Enter, Philadelphia Flyers beat writer Sam Carchidi.


Sam’s a fine young hockey writer from the City of Brotherly Love who has a lot more twitter followers than you or I. In fact, he has 37,000, to be specific. That’s kinda like the Pirates almost selling out a game at PNC Park (lol). Now, I’m sure when Sam fired off this tweet during the Penguins, Flyers series in the first round of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs, he probably sat back in his recliner, kicked his feet up, and thought to himself, “Incredible. You did it again, Sam. You handsome devil, you.”

Sam just could not wait to see that little blue number icon on his notifications multiply in mere seconds right in front of his very eyes as people from all the way out in LA to New York to all across the great state of Pennsylvania gleefully agreed with his sentiment by pounding the like/retweet button. Move over, Sidney Crosby. A new king has come to take the throne as the undisputed “Best Hockey Player in the World.” And his name’s Claude Giroux.

Now, as the days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months, Sam’s aforementioned tweet began to smell more and more like a stale piece of a dog shit stuck on the bottom of your shoe. Ugh, the worst!

Much to everyone’s surprise, Sam was wrong. Nobody (and I mean not even Larry Brooks!) predicted Claude Giroux to shit the bed the next five consecutive seasons while Sidney Crosby would go on to win two Stanley Cups, an Olympic Gold medal, an IIHF World Championship Gold medal, another Hart trophy, another Rocket Richard trophy, two Conn Smythes, and on, and on, and on.

Sure, as it has turns out, his tweet was eventually retired in the ranks of the hall of fame that is Freezing Cold Takes.

But you know what Sam hasn’t done within that span of almost six years? Sam hasn’t deleted the original tweet. And for that, I hold Sam’s ability to take a little criticism in high regard and consider him a very honorable man (even though he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about). After all, Sam’s #NotAHomer.

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