Brad Gets Win In Long Day At Phoenix.

Brad Gets Win In Long Day At Phoenix.

zz The Pit Stop

Brad Gets Win In Long Day At Phoenix.


Rain played a major factor in the Saturday race as the Xfinity drivers were back to Phoenix for an early season race.

Justin Allgaier started the race off leading laps as Brad Keselowksi got hot and took the race lead at lap 11.  At lap 27 we get the first caution of the day as David Starr and his car smokes big time.  As the race continued Justin Allgaier took the race lead. At lap 34 it was Brad trying to get the race lead winds up getting loose and looses a few spots.  This helped get Justin the first stage win.  In the final laps of the stage though rain started to show up and put the race under the red flag after the first stage was over.

After an hour plus rain delay the cars finally got back on the track to go racing again.  Kyle Busch was leading laps at this time of the race.  With 7 laps left Matt Mills gets real slow on the track to bring out the caution.  With three laps left a new red flag comes out.  After 20 plus minutes the cars were back on the track for one green flag lap with Kyle Busch leading it to take the second stage.

When we finally got to the third stage it was time for Justin Allagier to lead more laps.  Brad Keselowksi slowly got faster and faster and took the race lead with 58 laps left.  Christopher Bell then started to be the hottest car on the track and with 36 laps left was able to get the lead of the race.  Around this time a whole bunch of cars started to make a green flag pit stop.  With 33 laps left both Brad and Christopher pit with Brad getting the best of the pit stop.  With 22 laps left Brad Keslowski was back to the race lead as he passed Kaz Grala who was stretching it on fuel.   Justin Allgaier at this time was able to get second and started to get closer and closer to Brad.  Justin was able to cut the lead to under a second in the final laps and ran out of time as Brad wins the race.

“Really good car,” said Brad Keselowski.

Christopher Bell stated the car was good on the long run.

Justin Allgaier stated it was too much of an adjustment in the end.

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