The Tweet on Andrew Wiggins' Unhappiness Deserves Scrutiny

The Tweet on Andrew Wiggins' Unhappiness Deserves Scrutiny

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The Tweet on Andrew Wiggins' Unhappiness Deserves Scrutiny


Dear Timberwolves fan,

Doogie has an interesting tidbit on Andrew Wiggins:

The firestorms afterward assailed,

I respect your reactions Timberwolves fans. Who wouldn’t react the way that you did when Wiggins recently signed an extension.

Do me a favor though, and pause.

Take a step back.

Re-read the report by Doogie and ask yourself out loud: does the story from Doogie deserve scrutiny?

And not just scrutiny as in labeling everything fake news but scrutiny in terms of the examination of its timeline.

Let me say it again—in a non-academic way: when did the players—the so-called players, in fact—shared this rumor with Doogie?

Was it yesterday?

A week ago?

Weeks before Jimmy Butler’s injury?

Context matters, and if this was a rumor that Doogie was sitting on before finally deciding to take action, well then Doogie’s decision to release this so-called bombshell deserves scrutiny.

Second, why was it so hard to find an audio version of Doogie’s report? I spent 15 minutes examining the archives, and when you trace the report to its origins, it goes back to Derek James’ tweet.

(See Above)

I’m not saying Doogie’s report was fabricated—-that would be a scandal of head shaking proportions—-but consider this: why was Andrew Wiggin’s unhappiness tweeted from Derek James, and not Doogie himself?

Why did other outlets have to rely on this tweet alone to shape their coverage?

Doogie could have provided more context on Andrew Wiggin’s unhappiness—on his twitter, of all places—but instead, he chose to speculate with fans.

And plug himself:

Mm. No matter how you look at it, the timeline doesn’t feel clear. The audio from Doogie: inaccessible to media outlets, and the average fan.

All of these factors, and each one of them—the beginning, middle and end—-deserves scrutiny.

Far more scrutiny than Andrew Wiggins’ unhappiness.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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