Bearcats BlogCast: The Hodge Podge-Cast

Bearcats BlogCast: The Hodge Podge-Cast

Cincinnati Bearcats

Bearcats BlogCast: The Hodge Podge-Cast


Welcome to this edition of the Bearcats BlogCast. This episode is an overflowing cornucopia of Bearcat related topics. Chris Bains joins me to discuss how we have dealt with the UC defeat in the month since we’ve recorded. That triggers a discussion into the basketball in it’s present state. That includes breaking down what we think the UC starting lineup and heavy rotations will be for this upcoming season. It was a fun topic.

In what was a less fun topic, we discuss the transfer of Ross Trail. We break down what it means for the program, what it means for the team this season, what it means for Trail and we talk about Hayden Moore. We also talk about how the 2016 UC quarterbacks were weird.

We end the podcast by discussing the NFL draft and if any Bearcats will get drafted. Spoiler: we end with a kind of depressing topic.

Like previous editions of the show, you can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and anywhere else podcasts are found for that matter. If there are more places you want the podcast, I will provide them. As always, thank you for your support. It’s greatly appreciated.

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