Devin Booker's latest tweet has left fans speculating

Devin Booker's latest tweet has left fans speculating

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Devin Booker's latest tweet has left fans speculating


Rumors have been circling about how the Timberwolves franchise player and their front office “are not in a good place”, but since then Minnesota has stated that they do not intend to part ways with the beloved phenom.

That being said, Devin Booker appears to believe otherwise or is just having some fun at the expense of Minnesota fans across the country, as he has seemingly been recruiting his former Kentucky teammate to Phoenix.

The Suns star shooter tweeted out a picture of him and Towns on Thursday night that has caused more fuel to the fire. This was not the first time in the last couple weeks that Devin Booker caused rumors to run rampant as he previously tweeted out a picture of Towns wearing his Phoenix jersey on the same day the rumors first originated.

Do these tweets mean anything substantial? No. While I am sure these two would love to play together in the future, Minnesota fans should not be worried just yet. Karl Anthony Towns has own year left on his contract and after Minnesota’s performance this year, it is highly unlikely the front office would decide to rebuild their roster.

However, I do believe that Booker is trying to persuade Towns to consider Phoenix as a possible destination if the big man decides to hit the free agent market next season.

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