Could The 'nWo' Be Reforming In WWE Soon?

Could The 'nWo' Be Reforming In WWE Soon?

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Could The 'nWo' Be Reforming In WWE Soon?


From the moment Hulk Hogan was reinstated in WWE’s Hall of Fame, fans have been wondering if the Immortal one will show up on live programming. It’s a logical assumption, mostly due to the company’s penchant for shocking returns to either boost ratings, or kick off new storylines.

But if Hogan is brought back to the fold, he may not be in the familiar red and yellow. Hogan was recently photographed wearing the infamous black and white nWo colors at his beach shop in Orlando.

Apparently, he and fellow nWo founders Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were all wearing the colors while filming at the shop. There is no word yet on what they filmed or why they were wearing nWo gear once again.

It’s safe to assume that since the nWo is owned by WWE, Hogan would need permission to film anything while using the logo. Does this mean that pro wrestling’s most infamous faction of all time is making a comeback?

There is no doubting the impact that The nWo had on the industry when it formed in 1996. Hall and Nash’s WWE defection to WCW was the top story at that time, as was the identity of the third man to join their group.

When that man was revealed to be none other than Hulk Hogan, fans were sent into a state of shock. How could the perennial babyface and heroic icon turn his back on the audience that made him a star? What were his motives and what was his next move?

This was the formation of The nWo and it took the business by storm. The faction went on to rule WCW and put the odds heavily in their favor during the Monday Night Wars with WWE. Ted Turner’s company ruled the pro wrestling world and it seemed nothing could slow WCW down.

But WCW’s reign atop the industry did not last. The nWo went through several different incarnations, all of which paled in comparison to the original group. WWE debuted the nWo gimmick with the original three members at No Way Out in 2002, but their run was considered by many to be lackluster at best.

WWE has not confirmed a possible nWo return thus far. It’s unknown how the company would use the gimmick at this point. It’s also unknown whether Hogan, Hall, or Nash, would be physically involved or if the gimmick would be handed to another group of WWE Superstars.

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