The Impact of Live streaming On Sports

The Impact of Live streaming On Sports


The Impact of Live streaming On Sports


Only a few years ago we had to rely on the TV stations to view sports events live. Many times the broadcast was after the event had been completed. The alternative to witnessing an event live was to visit the stadium in person. If you did not have the time or money, you had to rely on the media to get a glimpse of the sports event. But the media scene changed. Not with the use of the social media and other platforms that permit live video feeds it is possible to watch sports events in real-time from any part of the world.

The income from new media

Sports events such as the NFL and football are among the major income generators for companies that broadcast televised sports events. For example, DirectTV pays out $1 billion to the football league every season. This gives the cable company access to broadcast live sports events to as many as 20 million subscribers. The profit from this deal is amazing, and the online platform is reliable to ensure every subscriber gets the value of their money.

Can the access to live viewing stop people from tuning their TVs to watch sports? The chance of this happening is very high, and it is already a topic of debate among the marketers and business owners who need to ensure that their investments are not threatened.

Live streaming apps

The huge income from live streaming apps is amazing. So it is not surprising to find more apps being developed to attract a large number of subscribers in the market. We currently have mobile apps such as Periscope, Snapchat, and Meerkat, just to name a few as special apps that can be used to view live sports broadcasts in real-time. Now it is easy and more convenient for users of these apps to view their favorite programs even when they have busy schedules that prevent them from visiting the stadium. In Boston, many fans use Patriots live stream.

Increasing demand for live streaming apps

The cable channels still have a large viewership. Sports such as the NFL and football can only be viewed on social media as short clips that capture the spectacular happenings during the event. However, the number of downloads for the live streaming mobile apps is rising. Sports teams have used these apps to connect with their fans directly. The sports community has also been able to carry out extensive debates and analysis during ongoing sports events by using their mobile devices.

Streaming needs high-speed internet

The increasing use of this technology means there is a higher demand for fast internet connection. The demand for internet speed has also been witnessed in the stadiums; now the fans can get more value for their patronage by using the high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity provided by the major teams in the stadiums. These networks have adequate bandwidth to meet the needs of the fans.

It will be very difficult to overshadow the impact and presence of the broadcast television media. However, the live streaming apps have succeeded in winning over a large number of subscribers who regard them as a reliable alternative in situations when they cannot view a TV. We will continue to monitor the progress of the top three streaming apps that have continued to meet the needs of the fans; they are Periscope (owned by Twitter), Snapchat, and Meerkat.

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