Latest Update On Whether WWE Is Booking Becky Lynch As A Heel

Latest Update On Whether WWE Is Booking Becky Lynch As A Heel

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Latest Update On Whether WWE Is Booking Becky Lynch As A Heel


Becky Lynch’s recent heel turn was perhaps the most shocking moment at WWE SumerSlam but longtime fans were likely not surprised. The company has always booked Lynch as the underdog and that booking has served her well overall. But her friendship with Charlotte Flair laid the foundation for the betrayal and now the two are quickly becoming heated rivals.

The problem is that the WWE faithful have apparently decided that Becky is worth hating much less that Charlotte, so Lynch is getting over as a result. Becky was cheered for assaulting Charlotte at SummerSlam and that may have led some fans to believe that WWE will change course and turn Charlotte heel instead. But according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, that does not seem to be the case.

SmackDown Live ran a house show in Atlantic City just one day after SummerSlam and Lynch attacked her former best friend in the middle of the ring. However the crowd didn’t seem to mind that Charlotte was blindsided once again.

Of course the house show was the night before SmackDown, when Becky publicly addressed the live crowd to explain her actions. Once again, she was cheered even though she tried to run from Charlotte during their brawl.

Lynch is making the effort to heel out but it’s becoming obvious to many that the angle is perhaps not going to work.

However it does appear that WWE is all in on Lynch’s heel turn. The live crowd reactions do not seem to be stopping the company from moving forward with this new feud. Becky is perhaps not the best antagonist in this storyline but thus far, that fact has not yet affected how she’s going to be booked.

It’s unknown whether or not WWE will indeed decide to pull the plug as it did with Bayley’s heel tease against Sasha Banks on Monday Night Raw. But if fans continue to support Becky over Charlotte, WWE may have no other choice than to scrap the angle and move on.



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