Mick Foley Reveals The Biggest WWE Pop He Ever Received

Mick Foley Reveals The Biggest WWE Pop He Ever Received

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Mick Foley Reveals The Biggest WWE Pop He Ever Received


WWE fans know Mick Foley as The Hardcore Legend and with good reason. Foley was never the biggest guy in the fight but he was always the toughest and his resiliency was unequaled by anyone in the business. Just when fans thought he couldn’t take anymore punishment, Mick Foley got back up and kept fighting.

It’s that never-say-die reputation that made Foley one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. But in Foley’s opinion, the biggest pop of his career did not stem from any of the bloody battles he waged inside the squared circle.

The WWE Hall of Famer recently told The Star Phoenix, that his biggest pop of all time came in 1999 when he won his first WWE Championship.

“It’s funny that the largest pop I ever received was only the second-largest of that match (laughs). Steve’s music had everyone up standing. That was an incredible night.”

Of course the most infamous moment of Foley’s career in the minds of many fans is the night when he dove off the top of the Hell in a Cell. He and Undertaker had a match on that night that the WWE faithful would never forget. Mick spoke about the match and why it’s still remembered 20 years later.

“Part of it was that it grew on an organic level. There wasn’t social media so it didn’t trend for three days and then disappear. It travelled by word of mouth. It was brutal but it was also surreal so that it wasn’t difficult to watch in a way like the January 1999 match I had with The Rock was. It stands up to repeated viewings. It doesn’t feel like watching a snuff film (laughs). I sometimes talk at these shows about the element of magic in the air. I think it was alive that night.”

Mick is currently on tour with his one-man show, Mick Foley: 20 Years of Hell. Foley has not been regularly used on WWE programming since his storyline firing as Monday Night Raw General Manager in 2017.


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