WATCH: Lio Rush Has Big Plans For WWE Star Bobby Lashley

WATCH: Lio Rush Has Big Plans For WWE Star Bobby Lashley

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WATCH: Lio Rush Has Big Plans For WWE Star Bobby Lashley


The stars of WWE’s 205 Liveare finding new life on Monday Night Raw. The first to crossover was 205 LiveGeneral Manager Drake Maverick, who is now the manager and mouthpiece for The Authors of Pain.

But Maverick is not the only one to get a new role. 205 Live‘s newest addition Lio Rush is now working with Bobby Lashley on the red brand. While their pairing on a recent edition of Rawseemed to be nothing more than a throwaway segment, things are now moving forward for Lio and Bobby.

While this vignette is also on the lighter side, it’s now become apparent that WWE intends on keeping the two Superstars together. Lashley’s fans in particular are surely happy about this, mostly because Bobby has needed a boost for quite some time.

From the moment he returned to WWE, Lashley has been missing something. Fans know how tough he is, just as they know about his MMA experience and his work in other pro wrestling companies. But they also know that Lashley’s WWE booking thus far has been less than impressive.

He’s shown flashes of greatness, especially against Roman Reigns. But since then, Lashley has not been utilized in any significant way. But now that he’s working with Lio Rush, things may be looking up.

Now Bobby doesn’t have to speak as much as he did before. He can sit back and let Lio do the talking, which means Lashley can now focus on his ring career. Rush can cut the promos while Lashley does the work and fans can see how it unfolds.

Lashley and Rush seem to have chemistry and that should only increase the longer they work together. Monday Night Raw is rife with main event stars and Lashley has indeed been lost in the shuffle for quite some time. Maybe now that will finally change.

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