Dixie Carter Praises WWE For Recent Announcement

Dixie Carter Praises WWE For Recent Announcement

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Dixie Carter Praises WWE For Recent Announcement


Ethan Carter III is one of the most charismatic and exciting Superstars working in NXT today. WWE’s developmental brand features some of the best talent from around the world of course and EC3 is definitely one of them.

It’s obvious that former Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter agrees with that assessment. Dixie recently praised EC3 on Twitter, indicating how proud she is of her “nephew.”

Dixie’s good word came after WWE’s 2K19 Twitter account revealed that EC3 would be a downloadable character in the upcoming video game. Ethan responded to the tweet of course, reminding many fans of his connection to Dixie.

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EC3 was presented as Dixie’s nephew in Impact, where he established himself as a viable main event player. Ethan already had 11 years of experience to draw from and he rose in the ranks to became World Heavyweight champion.

For some fans however, seeing EC3 back in a WWE ring is likely still a bit surreal. Long before he was EC3, he was Derrick Bateman. He worked in Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT afterward, from 2009 to 2013. He always gave maximum effort but that effort ultimately did not lead him to either one of WWE’s main brands.

Now that EC3 is a permanent fixture in NXT and a certified main event star, some fans are wondering when he will win the brand’s top title. EC3 has impressed during his time in the company thus far and will surely rise up in the ranks eventually.

Carter’s most recent feud was with The Velveteen Dream. Though the two are incredibly different in terms of style, many fans recognized the chemistry between EC3 and the Dream as the two had a very entertaining rivalry.

EC3 has yet to truly realize his potential in NXT in terms of title glory, but he will surely get to that main event level at some point.

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