Did Bullet Club Just Drop A Major Hint Regarding Their Future?

Did Bullet Club Just Drop A Major Hint Regarding Their Future?

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Did Bullet Club Just Drop A Major Hint Regarding Their Future?


One of the hottest topics in the pro wrestling world this year has been the ongoing speculation regarding the future of Bullet Club members The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Adam Page and Kenny Omega.

A few months ago, Cody made the surprising announcement that Bullet Club will be making pro wrestling history, and deciding their next move as a group. The ROH contracts of The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes expire at the end of this year, while Kenny Omega’s deal with NJPW ends in early 2019. We previously noted that Adam “Hangman” Page recently turned down an offer from WWE, telling the company he would not be signing with them at the time, likely because his Bullet Club brethren were still under contract outside of WWE, and any moves made will be as a group.

The Club created more buzz surrounding their future this weekend when both Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks announced their final Bullet Club t-shirts have been released via Pro Wrestling Tees.

Since the Tweets dropped, speculation has varied as to what the final BC t-shirts could mean, with one possibility being that The Bucks and Cody Rhodes will not be re-signing with ROH. If that is indeed the case, the trio will no longer to bill themselves as Bullet Club as it is the intellectual property of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

It’s also quite possible that the final BC t-shirts could simply be The Elite’s way of promoting an upcoming angle or episode of the Being the Elite web series.

Cody and The Bucks are were in-action this weekend, competing at the ROH Glory By Honor events in Baltimore and Philadelphia, and Cody’s next big title match comes at the NWA 70th Anniversary PPV when he will put his newly won NWA Title on the line in a rematch against former Champion Nick Aldis.

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