Chris Jericho Reveals That His WWE List Gimmick Is 'Done'

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Chris Jericho Reveals That His WWE List Gimmick Is 'Done'

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Chris Jericho Reveals That His WWE List Gimmick Is 'Done'


Current NJPW IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho revived his ever-evolving pro wrestling career several years ago when he birthed the “list” in WWE, a gimmick which saw a malevolent Jericho randomly add names to an expanding “list”, which meant the names had landed on Jericho’s bad side. Consequences for ending up on Jericho’s list were always vague, but the promos which arose from the fresh gimmick lead to pro wrestling fans calling it one of Jericho’s best incarnations.

Since leaving WWE, Jericho has made a name for himself as a cursing, vicious villain in New Japan, with fans dubbing him Chris “Swearicho” in 2018. Jericho also made a surprise appearance at the inaugural All In event in September, and captained a wrestling-themed cruise in October which featured the stars of NJPW, ROH and Impact Wrestling.

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Jericho recently stopped by The Wolf to discuss the future of his band Fozzy, what lies ahead in his pro wrestling career and more. On the subject of a possible WWE return, Jericho left the door wide open, but made it clear fans should not expect to see the list return along with Y2J.

“I’ll tell you one thing”, admitted Jericho. “There won’t be a list. It’s done. I don’t feel it anymore.”

Jericho went on to discuss his recent meeting with Impact Wrestling officials Scott D’Amore and Ed Nordholm, and said the meeting went “great.” He also made mention of great matches he could have in Impact, and certainly did not rule out possibly competing for the promotion one day.

Also of note during the interview, Jericho suggested DX change their name due to their age, and also noted that following his next NJPW match, his future is wide open, and he could feasibly appear for any wrestling promotion, including his old home, WWE.

Chris Jericho is next scheduled to compete at Wrestle Kingdom 13, at which he will defend his IWGP IC Title against former Champion Tetsuya Naito. Following the bout, Jericho will become an unrestricted free agent.

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