Multiple Storylines Reportedly Dropped Following WWE 'Shake-Up'

Multiple Storylines Reportedly Dropped Following WWE 'Shake-Up'

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Multiple Storylines Reportedly Dropped Following WWE 'Shake-Up'


As seen on WWE Raw this week, the McMahon family, lead by Vince, along with his children Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon, and his son-in-law Triple H, reunited to “shake things up” in the world of WWE, and their road to reclaiming the fledgling TV product is officially underway.

The McMahons’ first order of business was to refuse Baron Corbin’s request to be named the permanent General Manager of the red brand, and the authority mandates continued on Smackdown Live this week when Shane McMahon informed Paige she has been relieved of her duties as the blue brand GM.

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The shake-up in WWE will not only pertain to the authority seen on both Raw and Smackdown Live, as talent shake-ups are expected to be seen in the coming weeks, with “fresh faces and fresh matchups” promised by the reinvigorated McMahon family regime. WWE announced a new wave of NXT call-ups will soon be hitting the main roster, including talents such as Heavy Machinery, Lars Sullivan, EC3 and more.

With WWE adding many new aspects to its TV product with the ensuing shake-up, the latest issue of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports WWE has also decided to nix numerous, previously planned storylines which had recently begun on TV.

“The return of the McMahons comes during the period numbers will increase,” notes The Observer. “But Vince’s return is the shake up. It appears Alexa Bliss as an authority figure (there was talk of her for the Baron Corbin spot once Corbin lost to Braun Strowman) has been completely dropped. Paige as an authority figure was also dropped. The Shane angle based on his winning the Crown Jewel tournament that was to lead to a heel turn looks like it’s been completely dropped (although it wasn’t supposed to happen until January anyway). Whatever reason Smackdown got shut out at Survivor Series looks like it’s been dropped. Lucha House Party rules, a silly idea, was dropped.”

So it looks like WWE fans can look forward not only to fresh faces on television in the coming weeks and months, but fresh storylines as well, with the company giving the axe to many ideas which appeared to be taking shape on TV within the past several weeks.

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