Arizona Cardinals will meet with Kyler Murray at Oklahoma

Arizona Cardinals will meet with Kyler Murray at Oklahoma

Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals will meet with Kyler Murray at Oklahoma


The Arizona Cardinals will meet with Kyler Murray on Tuesday.

The Arizona Cardinals are sure doing a great job instilling confidence in their 2018 first-round draft selection, Josh Rosen. At this point, the Cardinals have made it evident that they may be ready to give up on their guy, who they drafted in last year’s first round. Is it fair? Not really. But that’s what happens when you give up on a coach after one season, and your new guy doesn’t like the player who could potentially be the old guy.

Ever since the Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury, they have been on the prowl for Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray. At first, it was all just a bunch of rumors being stirred up by the media. “Kliff Kingsbury loves Kyler Murray, don’t be surprised if they take him!” Then everybody is thinking, “why in the world would they do that? They just drafted Josh Rosen last season!” And here we are, watching the Cardinals entertain drafting Murray with the number one overall pick of the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Cardinals Meet with Murray Again

Ever since Kyler Murray made his decision to skip the MLB spring training to attend the NFL Combine, the Cardinals have been very interested. They met with Murray briefly in Indianapolis, and apparently, they were very impressed with the future rookie, despite what a few reports say.

Not only did the Cardinals meet with Murray, but they would also hardly commit to Josh Rosen during press conferences. Coach Kingsbury would make statements like “Josh Rosen is the quarterback of the Cardinals right now,” basically indicating that yet, he’s the quarterback but we haven’t promised him the job for the future.

As the Cardinals continue to set up meetings with Murray, the scenario of him going to Arizona is becoming more realistic. So far, no Josh Rosen trades have heated up, but don’t be surprised to see him get moved on draft night. There’s a strong possibility that Rosen’s Sophomore effort could be elsewhere.

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