Cardinals didn't really shop Josh Rosen around this week

Cardinals didn't really shop Josh Rosen around this week

Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals didn't really shop Josh Rosen around this week


With Kyler Murray available for drafting, the Arizona Cardinals could be getting ready to trade away Josh Rosen.

Last year, the Arizona Cardinals were in a similar predicament to this year’s situation. They had a new head coach, and they were going to potentially draft a brand new franchise quarterback in the first round of the draft. They had Steve Wilks and ended up with UCLA’s Josh Rosen.

This season, they now have Kliff Kingsbury, and could very well end up with Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray. If they snag Murray with the first-overall pick, then what happens to Rosen? Is he a goner? Or will they attempt to give him a shot at winning the starting position for the 2019 NFL season?

There are so many possible scenarios, and right now, your guess is as good as mine. Although Kingsbury has confessed his love for Kyler Murray as a quarterback, it seems that the idea of them snagging Murray is about a 50/50 split on guesses right now.

During the NFL Combine, the trade talks regarding Rosen were heating up, which indicates that the Cardinals are 99-percent sure they are going to select Murray with the first pick if they actually pulled a trigger on the move. But as NFL coaches, general managers, and owners arrived in Arizona for a few days, the potential trade talks regarding Rosen have slowed down.

Teams that could be potentially interested didn’t really get a read on anything. More specifically, the New York Giants, who are interested in Rosen, couldn’t really get a negotiation going, which indicates that the Cardinals surely do not have their minds made up quite yet.

Will the Giants continue to make calls?

The Giants are clearly in the market for a quarterback this season, regardless of their decision to keep the 38-year-old Eli Manning or not. Yes, Eli will lead the pack this year, but they are beginning to look towards the future as well. While the Giants could draft a quarterback early on this year, it would be wise to consider grabbing Rosen via trade and avoid spending a first-rounder on a quarterback as long as the price is right.

There’s one issue with this scenario though – the Giants are unsure if the Cardinals are even ready to depart with Rosen or not. Everything right now is nothing more than rumors. According to Giants’ reporter Ralph Vacchiano, the Giants are ‘interested’ in Rosen but have no clue as to whether he’s truly for sale or not. Further indicating that Arizona does not have their minds made up about Murray-Rosen.

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