The Weekend Bulletin

The Weekend Bulletin


The Weekend Bulletin



A quick snapshot at the weekend that was.


Biggest Upset: Martin Bakole Ilunga +240 over Mariusz Wach


Notable New Champions:

  • WBC International Junior Bantamweight Champion: Aliu Bamidele Lasisi
  • WBO European Featherweight Champion: David Oliver Joyce
  • Fight Nights Global Flyweight Champion: Ali Bagautinov
  • Fight Nights Global Welterweight Champion: Dmitry Bikrev


A Few Storylines Going Forward:

  1. Tumbleweed Finally Blows By: This was the worst fight weekend that I can remember in years. However, it’s done, it’s through, and next weekend is a barnburner. However, there was some decent scrap material from this week. Angelo Leo has potential, the grappling cards were lots of fun, and Ali Bagautinov is the new Fight Nights Global strawweight champion and I want to see him back in North America or at ONE against the big boys, again.
  2. LESNARWATCH: Welp, I imagine that Brock was on a redeye back to the ranch after his early Wrestlemania exit. Lesnar lost the Universal Title, and the future seems a little clearer (or whatever passes for clear in Lesnar’s bizarre career) that Brock is free and clear to proceed back to the UFC. Then again, this could all change by Raw tonight.

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