Dean Ambrose Reveals Why He Decided To Leave WWE

Dean Ambrose Reveals Why He Decided To Leave WWE

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Dean Ambrose Reveals Why He Decided To Leave WWE


AEW star Jon Moxley recently came on Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk is Jericho this week to talk about the events leading up to him leaving WWE. and Reddit user HollowLoch covered these highlights from the interview:

  • He knew he wanted to leave the company in July 2018 when he was out with an injury.
  • Refused to read a scripted promo because he believed it was idiotic/ridiculous whilst Vince believed it was great.
  • Talks about the promos he read whilst feuding with Seth late last/early this year, and how they made no sense, tried torewrite them and got frustrated when he couldn’t.
  • He talked about enjoying the Make-A-Wish stuff and how he became an adult in WWE.
  • Says he thought him cutting the promo talking about Romans cancer was distasteful.
  • Says he felt like walking out on the Raw where he got shots/vaccinated during a promo, and that was the day he 100% knew he was leaving and not coming back.
  • Vince tried to talk him into saying another cancer remarkabout Roman, says it was so bad they could have lost sponsors, refused to say it (34 minutes into the podcast).
  • Says he was excited to return to wrestling when he was injured, but not excited to return to WWE.
  • Says if there was no other promotion other than WWE, he still would have left.
  • Vince “didn’t know” he was unhappy, even with Jon/Dean being open with his frustrations to Vince about scripts.
  • Was happy to take bumps from Nia, but felt like it was them punishing him for leaving.
  • They offered him a new contract, he didnt look at it.
  • His goal in AEW is to be the best version of himself, looking forward to creative freedom.
  • Says Tony Kahn is the exact opposite of Vince, likes him and the fact hes a huge wrestling fan.
  • Talks about using social media now that hes out of WWE.
  • He told Seth he’s a wild animal thats been domesticated for too long when Seth was upset about him leaving (to clarify, he was referring to himself as the wild animal, not Seth) he explained it to Seth as it being the end of Harry and the Hendersons where Harry is set free.

Reddit user SwaggaLikeBamma also covered highlights by including these topics:

  • Vince always thought Dean’s character was some wacky guy who did zany s**t and he tried to fight it.
  • He knew he wanted to leave back in July of last year and considered quiting. This was during his injury and he said he was miserable.
  • He didn’t like the hokey s**t and didn’t understand why he was getting it and thought they were setting him up.
  • He never understood WWEs promos and said they didn’t make any sense. In one of his germaphobe promos, he says there was originally a joke about a pooper scooper and how he wouldn’t go out there without it, he said he wasn’t saying it and talked about the process he had to regularly go through to get stuff changed.
  • He mentioned the shot in the a** and how when he’d gotten the script, he sat in a meeting staring at the paper seething over it, he went to go meet with Vince and Vince thought it wasn’t comedy and thought it was well written and would get a ton of heat. Ambrose told him that if this is what he wanted he’d pull it off and said he’s told Vince that thousands of times.
  • He wanted to come back as a heel and pitched it to Vince before coming back and wanted to be a completely new character and as much as he liked tagging with Seth he wanted to do something new, He talked about how he hated how they brought him back, even down to Seth introducing him basically.
  • He left and went to HHH and Vince and said he wasn’t re-signing.
  • He was hoping they’d take him off TV and thought they’d bury him and he was told the night of he’d take a bump from Nia and he was absolutely furious (not about Nia) but the timing of it and he tried to justify it and said he didn’t know Ambrose was unhappy despite Ambrose voicing it for years and Ambrose said he was calm and explained that he’s leaving and said Vince was crying.
  • He said he got physically sick every Monday because he was worried about the s**t they’d have him do.
  • Vince was upset about fans cheering for him at house shows despite him being a heel and booing when he lost despite Jon seeing it as them knowing what’s going on.
  • He talks about how they kept bringing him back and he thought that every time they wrote him off he didn’t like it.
  • Ambrose made $500 for the Shield special.

The full episode can be heard here.



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