WATCH: Youtuber Harasses John Cena On The Streets And Posts Video

WATCH: Youtuber Harasses John Cena On The Streets And Posts Video

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WATCH: Youtuber Harasses John Cena On The Streets And Posts Video


John Cena was in the UK this week filming his first Fast And Furious movie when he was harassed in public.

Controversial Youtuber Mo Deen posted videos of him harassing the 16 time WWE Champion and repeatedly kept putting him on camera without Cena’s permission.

As Mo kept showing off Cena to the camera, Cena calmly told him to show respect and stop filming.

Cena tells him in the video, “Thank you for asking to take your video.” The Youtuber said sorry but continued to film Cena behind his back and ramble about spotting Cena in the store.

Cena would continue to tell him to be respectful and that he doesn’t want to talk to him. Mo Deen would repeatedly tell Cena that he is famous and Cena would tell him that he doesn’t care who he is he should be respectful of people. Cena would walk away but the Youtuber continued his rambling.

Cena recently revealed an all new haircut as he was speaking Mandarin very flawlessly. WWE would post a video compilation on social media showing himself before and after getting his haircut. He would say all of this in Mandarin:

“Hello friends! Long time no see. A year ago I shot a film with Jackie Chan. The director asked me if I could change my hairstyle. So right now you can see it’s long and wild. Now I’m filming a new movie and the director asked me if I can change my hairstyle. So now I will *snip*snip*snip* my hair. My role in this film is a secret! I can’t tell you anything about this role but I can let you see my new look! See ya!”

“Hello friends! Look at me now. I have a lot less hair now. So I’m all done with my hairstyle change for my new role in my new action movie. I’ll probably have another haircut in the future. Just a small cut but for now I will look more like WWE John Cena. That look is similar to what I look like now so a lot of WWE fans will be very excited. I’m excited because my hair is comfortable and not wild and crazy. So now you see me! See ya!”

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