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WWE Star Gets Rushed To Hospital On Tuesday Following ‘Raw Reunion’

Maria Kanellis who is currently 12 weeks pregnant with her second child was rushed to the hospital Tuesday after the Raw Reunion in which her and her husband Mike Kanellis were segmented on.

Maria revealed this on her Instagram a couple of days using a picture of the Sarasota Memorial Health Care Center and writing the following:

Maria Kanellis has been one of the most talked about WWE stars as of late ever since she announced her pregnancy on Raw during a mixed tag team match as her and her husband Mike Kanellis took on then WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

After she announced the pregnancy, a shocked Mike Kanellis asked her how she could be pregnant. Maria then said to him that maybe he is not man enough to get her pregnant. Mike would end up tapping out to Becky Lynch and Maria would continue to berate and insult her husband and say that next time she might have Becky impregnate her.

Ever since the segment aired, the storyline has seen Maria continue to berate and yell at her husband until he proves himself to be man enough to be the father of her child.

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The Raw Reunion show would contain the continuation of the storyline as Maria and Mike would be in a backstage segment including former WWE star Eve Torres and new Executive Director of SmackDown Live Eric Bischoff.

Eve wanted to give mom advice to Maria and Bischoff offered for them to come to SmackDown Live if they were not happy with their position. Maria would yell at her husband for not putting lotion on her stomach so that she would not get any stretch marks.

It is a relief that Maria Kanellis and her baby are doing great despite her being rushed to the hospital.

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