Twins bullpen saves players weekend

Twins bullpen saves players weekend


Twins bullpen saves players weekend


The Twins were one of the 15 teams that was assigned an all white uniform during players weekend. They looked tacky, just like the all black version the other half of teams wore. What is the point of putting nicknames on the jerseys if you can’t even see them?

Anyways, as you can see, the Twins recognized how ridiculous they looked, and the bullpen threw back 20 years to the Backstreet Boys with an admirable degree of authenticity.

So the Twins bullpen recognized the absurdity and had fun with it, showing that they aren’t having the mental meltdown that the fan base is having, and they cut down on the meltodowns on the field. Aside from a little bit of trouble from Jose Berrios, the rest of the pitchers, Backstr— bullpen included, were just against the Tigers.

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