HUGE WWE Commentary Team Changes Reportedly Coming For FOX Launch

HUGE WWE Commentary Team Changes Reportedly Coming For FOX Launch

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HUGE WWE Commentary Team Changes Reportedly Coming For FOX Launch


As rumors circle around changes being made to WWE as a result of SmackDown Live moving to FOX, WrestleVotes announced on Twitter earlier today that WWE will be making changes to their commentary team.

The tweet would go on to say that changes will begin once SmackDown goes to FOX in October and might possibly change the commentary team from a three person commentary team to a two person commentary team.

There are no official reports concerning what those changes will be but this is suppose to impact not only SmackDown but all shows.

According to reports by Wrestling INC, talk has been going around that Renee Young may be only exclusive to SmackDown as part of their commentary team and will also be hosting the FS1 studio show that the company will air on Tuesday nights.

There is no word yet on what show Corey Graves will end but since WWE is going to take their brand split more seriously, he will not be both shows.


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Changes have already been made to NXT and WWE 205 Live as Nigel McGuinness moved from announcing on 205 Live to doing commentary on NXT alongside Mauro Ranallo and WWE Hall Of Famer Beth Phoenix.

Meanwhile, 205 Live will now have the broadcast team of Vic Joseph, Aiden English and NXT Superstar Dio Maddin.


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WWE has had three person announce teams for a few years now starting with JBL joining the Raw broadcast team along with Michael Cole and WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler back in late 2012.

As years went by, WWE started having three person announce teams for all of their shows including Raw, SmackDown Live, NXT, and 205 Live. Now it looks like that will no longer be the case as the possibility of bringing back the two person booth will be a factor going forward when SmackDown Live moves to FOX.

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