Things to know before joining a fantasy hockey league

Things to know before joining a fantasy hockey league

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Things to know before joining a fantasy hockey league


Now that we are in the preseason, and the NHL season is less than a month away, fantasy hockey drafts are picking up in frequency and intensity. Perhaps you, a hockey fan in a new workplace, have been invited to join a fantasy hockey league, and this is the first year you will be joining such a league. If this is the case, I suspect you are looking for some advice, notes or any helpful tidbits. I can’t vouch for how helpful they will be, but I definitely have some tidbits.

  1. Because of the irregular schedule and propensity for injury, and, depending on your league, the various rate based stats, and especially goaltender stats, doing well in fantasy hockey requires near daily attention.
  2. Because of point 1, maybe 2 or 3 people in a 12 team league will be invested in the league by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.
  3. One of the people that was out by Thanksgiving will come back in March when he realizes he is close, and that person will win. The other two people that were invested all year will finish in the top 3.
  4. Draft at least one defenseman early. They may not necessarily be the most glamorous, but there is a big drop off between the best and the mediocre.
  5. You will learn the line combinations of the Florida Panthers.
  6. You will learn that the Florida Panthers don’t ever really have anyone worth adding to your fantasy team.
  7. The greatest asset to your life fantasy hockey will be is the ability comprehensively play franchise mode in NHL 2k20

Fantasy Hockey is a great time, unless it’s not. Find someone fun to play with, don’t take it too seriously, but definitely learn the ins and outs of the league better than you would have otherwise.

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