Dak and Wentz battle for NFC East crown

Dak and Wentz battle for NFC East crown


Dak and Wentz battle for NFC East crown


You knew it would eventually come down to this.

Two quarterbacks from the same draft class, playing in the same division, who are Sunday, playing for right to call themselves champions of that division, and earn a right into the 2019 NFC Playoffs.

Dak Prescott, quarterback, 4th round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Cowboys.  Carson Wentz, quarterback, 1st round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, Eagles.

They’ve exchanged division titles, they’ve exchanged huge road and home wins, and on Sunday, they play to see who is the top dawg in the East.

The immediate advantage goes to Dak, no question about it.  His team is healthy, although he’s a little banged up, and they are coming off a 44-21 thrashing of the L.A. Rams, who two weeks ago, shutdown the current #1 team in the entire NFC- the Seattle Seahawks.  It was an impressive win for Dallas, who until last week, was win-less against teams with winning records.  It’s almost as if Dallas took all that frustration, and just let it out against the unsuspecting Rams.

Philly on the other hand, has had an up-and-down roller coaster season thus far.  Just a couple of weeks back, with Dallas slumping, the Eagles had a golden opportunity to pull into a first place tie with the Cowboys, but instead blew 28-14 lead on the road against the two-win Miami Dolphins.  However last week, Philly came through in the clutch, with Wentz finding Greg Ward Jr. in the back of the end zone with less than 30 seconds to play.  The win evened Philly’s record at 7-7, and into first place for about three hours.  Then Dallas destroyed the Rams, and boom, here we are.

Dak is having a career year while looking for a contract extension while Wentz played last week with two actual wide receivers, one of which was a quarterback in college.  So off the bat, Dak and the Cowboys have the advantage, but there is also so much more pressure on him to win, while Carson, playing with a depleted football team, has that to back him up.

A Wentz victory with this banged up football team would be impressive.  A Dak win would mean a division crown and an added bonus to his resume when he looks to cash in on a long term deal sometime soon.

There’s so much riding on this football game, and the fact that it happens to be with two quarterbacks from the same draft class, taken 133 picks apart, make it that much more special.  So now the stakes are set for what is essentially a playoff game between Philly and Dallas, between the Cowboys and Eagles, and between Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott. Enjoy it!



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