WWE 'Friday Night SmackDown' Results (1/17): Stipulations for 'Royal Rumble' Matches Are Set, Legendary Superstar Makes Return, More

WWE 'Friday Night SmackDown' Results (1/17): Stipulations for 'Royal Rumble' Matches Are Set, Legendary Superstar Makes Return, More

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WWE 'Friday Night SmackDown' Results (1/17): Stipulations for 'Royal Rumble' Matches Are Set, Legendary Superstar Makes Return, More


      Friday Night SmackDown kicked off in Greensboro, NC with Kane coming out to the ring. He speaks of the Royal Rumble and how he has the record with most eliminations. He is interrupted by the Firefly Fun House. Wyatt calls Kane a “Big Red Bully” and that bragging about winning the Royal Rumble isn’t a good idea, since the winner faces him. He points to Kane’s picture behind him and says he won’t forget Kane and neither will The Fiend. The lights in the arena go dark. When they return, Kane is on the outside awaiting. The Fiend emerges from ring. Kane turns around and asks what took him so long. Daniel Bryan comes out from the crowd and attacks the Fiend, making him retreat back to his hole. Daniel Bryan has bits of the Fiend’s dreadlocks in his hands. He and Kane “celebrate” with Yes! chants as the show breaks for commercial.


Kane and Daniel Bryan are arguing backstage about who was tag team champions. Kane walks away as Daniel Bryan is asked about the Fiend running away. Bryan says the Fiend isn’t good at mind games, he’s good at escaping. He challenges the Fiend to a strap match at the Royal Rumble.

John Morrison defeats Big E via Starship Pain

During a physical match with Big E, Morrison was able to pick up the win in his first official match since returning to WWE with help from The Miz.

The Usos ask Roman what stipulation he’s going to pick for his Royal Rumble match against King Corbin were he to win tonight. Roman says he’s going to win tonight, but he’s not telling. He asks the Usos if they are ready for their match. They say they are and welcome The Revival to the Uso Penitentiary.

The Usos defeat The Revival via The Splash

The Usos remind The Revival they are back and pick up the win in a fast paced tag team match.


The Revival are backstage and they say the company doesn’t care about them. The Revival say they may need to make a change. Lacey Evans, Bayley, and Sasha are seen fighting.

Sonya asks Mandy to ask Otis if he would be ringside for Sonya’s match tonight.

Sasha and Bayley are in the trainer’s room. Sasha has ice on her ankle. Bayley says she will break every bone in Lacey’s body and make her a stay at home mom. She is told that she is taking Sasha’s place in the match against Lacey tonight and that it is next.

Lacey Evans defeats Bayley via the Woman’s Right


Shorty G says he isn’t going to let Sheamus intimidate him. Sheamus shows up and tells him he’s going to kick his head off his shoulders again. Shorty G attacks him, but Sheamus leaves him laying.

Braun Strowman declares his entrance in the Royal Rumble. He also says he wants his Intercontinental championship opportunity against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Elias is in the ring to sing a song for the crowd.  Nakamura, Cesaro, and Zayn interrupt. Zayn tells Braun Strowman he won’t get a title match now or ever. He also says Nakamura is putting everyone in the Royal Rumble on notice. Elias says he wrote a song called “Sami Zayn needs to shut his d**n mouth” and that the chorus says “Shinsuke sucks”. Zayn tells Cesaro to show Elias what they do to funny guys. All three men beat down Elias. Braun Strowman comes down for the save.

A touching tribute to Rocky Johnson is shown.


Alexa Bliss defeats Sonya Deville

Mandy Rose tries to interfere in the match, but Nikki Cross knocks her off the top rope. Otis catches her. Deville turns to check on Mandy Rose, but Alexa Bliss rolls her up for the win.

Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, and King Corbin are confident that Roman Reigns will go through the table tonight in the main event.

Lacey Evans will challenge Bayley for the SmackDown women’s championship at the Royal Rumble.

Roman Reigns defeats Robert Roode in a Tables Match

Corbin and Ziggler try to interfere in the match, but the Usos came to back up Roman. They drove out Corbin and put Ziggler through the announce table. Roman spears Roode through a table for the win.

Roman announces that the stipulation for his and Corbin’s match at the Royal Rumble will be a falls count anywhere match.




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