Junior dos Santos Scouting Report

Junior dos Santos Scouting Report

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Junior dos Santos Scouting Report


junior dos santos scouting report

Junior dos Santos Scouting Report


6’4″ 246.5 lbs (Heavyweight)
77″ reach, Orthodox
January 30, 1984


21-7 (UFC: 15-6)

Current Streak

2 straight losses


Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Championships Held

UFC Heavyweight Champion: 2011-2012 (one successful title defense)



– elite MMA striker
– one of the hardest punchers in the sport (gets a lot of knockdowns)
– devastating knockout artist – vast majority of wins come via KO
– very active striker
– also a fairly accurate striker – lands about half his significant strikes
– very good at out-striking opponents
– extremely accurate with his takedowns
– also very successful stuffing opponent’s takedown attempts
– when an opponent has been able to take him down, he often has gotten back up immediately
– good cardio – striking pace doesn’t fall much as fight progresses
– very well coached



– slightly below average reach for his height
– despite being a BJJ black belt, doesn’t utilize his ground game
– doesn’t utilize kicks very often
– can be knocked out
– can be worn down as fight goes on
– becoming a one-dimensional fighter – only boxes
– has habit of backing up against cage
– best years seem to be behind him
– has taken a lot of damage over his career
– TKO’d his last two fights



Junior dos Santos might be the nicest guy in the world outside of the Octagon, but once that cage door closes, he’s a killer and an elite fighter.



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