Gameday 52: The Day-drunk Game

Gameday 52: The Day-drunk Game


Gameday 52: The Day-drunk Game


Penguins vs. Caps

Capital One Arena | Washington, DC

12:30PM Eastern | NBC

Welcome back to weekend gameday. The gameday whose wife would be furious if she knew how much money it has riding on the 49ers later today.

The Pens go to Washington for a familiar afternoon tilt with the Caps leading into the Super Bowl. With a game in hand the Pens six points back of Washington with first in the Metro still very much up for grabs. It feels like we say it every year, but the fact the Pens are even in this position with the injuries they’ve had is a minor miracle.

With the return of Justin Schultz the Pens are now only one defenseman away from a blueline completely devoid of diaper boys.

I would never go on record saying Jack Johnson wears a diaper. But you did just read it on a disreputable hockey blog and that’s basically how news works now so you be the judge dear reader.

Now I know what you’re thinking, but Rez, Tom Wilson EATS DIAPERS. How can these two worlds coexist. That’s why we tune in to find out.










Note: The next time Yohe writes something about the 8-D Chess GMJR is playing at the trade deadline just remember he traded Carl Hagelin last year and then two months later tried to trade for him back.


Who fucking knows here’s what it was last time

Big time two points on the line and the perfect day-drunk lead in to the big game. Call in sick on Monday and start putting them down early.

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Go Pens

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