Invicta FC Performance Based Fighter Rankings: Flyweights: Feb 25/20

Invicta FC Performance Based Fighter Rankings: Flyweights: Feb 25/20

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Invicta FC Performance Based Fighter Rankings: Flyweights: Feb 25/20



There is constant debate about fighter rankings, which are normally based on voting from a panel of journalists.  Such is the case with something as subjective as voting – it’s totally based on voter’s opinion, and biases are bound to seep through, whether intentional or no.  So to try to put a fresh, objective, data-driven spin on rankings, The MMA Manifesto has come up with a performance based ranking system, solely based on how a fighter has performed in the cage, this time for Invicta FC.  We’ll roll out a new weight class every Tuesday. Next up: Flyweights.


*stipulations: 1) any fighter currently suspended or 2) inactive for at least 12 months (without an upcoming fight scheduled) are excluded from the rankings

  • Scoring based on a fighter’s past 10 Bellator performances (we use a seven year time limit, so if they have fought less than 10 times in past seven years, only the fights within that time frame are counted. For fighters who have also fought in the UFC, Bellator and/or Strikeforce during this time, those performances were counted also)
  • Points based on a fighter’s opponent’s Bellator & UFC win/loss record (ie strength of schedule – the more successful a vanquished opponent is, the more points awarded), extra points given for finishes, extra points given for title fight wins.  
  • Points are weighed so most recent fights are worth more (ie most recent fight counts the most, 10th most recent fight the least)
  • No points awarded for a loss


Stats Last Total
Rank Rank
1 1 Miranda Maverick 108
2 2 Vanessa Porto 97.5
3 3 DeAnna Bennett 65
4 4 Victoria Leonardo 56.5
5 5 Caitlin Sammons 52.5
6 16 Erin Blanchfield 41.5
7 8 Karina Rodriguez 36.5
8 9 Brogan Walker-Sanchez 35
9 7 Pearl Gonzalez 32.5
10 10 Stephanie Geltmacher 32
11 12 Chantel Coates 25
12 15 Mariya Agapova 14.5
13 21 Alexa Conners 3.5
14 22 Jordan Kaaze 0
14 22 Maiju Suotama 0
14 22 Marilia Santos 0


Check back next Tuesday for our strawweight rankings 

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