The HOVG Podcast: Mike Oz

The HOVG Podcast: Mike Oz

Hall of Very Good

The HOVG Podcast: Mike Oz


This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen are joined by Mike Oz.

The host of the Yahoo! series “Old Baseball Cards” talks to the boys about how his grandma got him into collecting (and their quest to find that elusive Jose Canseco Rated Rookie card), lists the top guys he’d like to have on his show and goes full-on “Inside the Actors Studio” and answers some James Lipton-inspired questions.

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Hobby Musings: Mike Oz making 25-year-old cards fun again

Yahoo’s Mike Oz on “Old Baseball Cards” reaching 100 episodes: “When we started, I didn’t know what it was going to be.”

Mike Oz Explains How He Got His Own 2019 Topps Allen And Ginter Baseball Card



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