Bayern Munich move closer to Bundesliga title

Bayern Munich move closer to Bundesliga title


Bayern Munich move closer to Bundesliga title


Bayern Munich is on the brink of winning the Bundesliga title. On Saturday, Bayern Munich could have won the German Soccer League championship with a win over Monchengladbach and a Borussia Dortmund loss to Fortuna Dusseldorf.

Bayern Munich came away with a full three points as they defeated Monchengladbach 2-1. However, Borussia Dortmund also won their contest as they defeated Fortuna Dusseldorf 1-0. As a result, Bayern Munich has a seven-point lead on Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga standings with three games to go. Bayern Munich has 73 points (23 wins, four losses, and four draws), while Borussia Dortmund is at 66 points (20 wins, five losses, and six draws).

In Bayern Munich’s 2-1 win over Monchengladbach, Bayern Munich forward Joshua Zirkzee of Schiedam, Netherlands opened the scoring in the 26th minute. Monchengladbach then tied the contest at one when Bayern Munich defender Benjamin Pavard of Maubeuge, France accidentally scored into his own net. Pavard was coming down the field at a rather high rate of speed. He was trying to deflect a pass and inadvertently kicked the soccer ball into his own net.

Bayern Munich then scored the game-winning goal with four minutes left in regulation. Leon Goretzka of Bochum, Germany scored his sixth goal of the Bundesliga season from Pavard. The Frenchman redeemed himself with a solid cross near the net which set up Goretzka for the winner. However, the Bayern Munich goal can be attributed to a remarkable pass by Canadian Alphonso Davies of Edmonton, Alberta, who delivered the hockey assist to Pavard.

It should be noted that Bayern Munich won without their two superstars–Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Mueller. Both Lewandowski and Mueller were facing one-game suspensions for recording five yellow cards in the Bundesliga this season.

Bayern Munich can win the 2019-20 Bundesliga season as early as Tuesday. That is when they face SV Werder Bremen. Currently 17th in the Bundesliga standings, Werder Bremen has a record of seven wins, 17 losses and seven draws for 28 points.

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