Twins starting where they left off

Twins starting where they left off

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Twins starting where they left off


So far the 2020 season has seen the Twins remain in the headlines. They smashed a major league record for home runs last season, and, well, there is no slowing down so far in 2020.


With the limited schedule variety, the Twins will get a chance to pound on the AL Central, which has always been a hallmark of their best seasons. They’e jumped out to a 5-2 start, crushing home runs and picking on teams in the AL and NL Central.

While there is definitely some positive carryover from last year, any Twins fan with a history with the team knows that there must be another shoe waiting to drop. The biggest money free agent is almost certain to get hurt. Josh Donaldson was pulled from last night’s game with a calf injury. The highly regarded prospect is bound to struggle, especially early, and the fans will lose faith in their abilities, even if they have proven very effective over the years. Alas, Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano fit this bill.

On the other side of the ball, it seems like it’s always the lesser heralded players that buoy the team as they rise in the standings. Max Kepler never gets the acclaim of his teammates, but he has once again proven to be an offensive and defensive asset. Luis Arraez and the always reliable Nelson Cruz are making sure the team keeps plating runs, while the top pitchers have been the quiet additions of Rich Hill, Homer Bailey and ok, the more loudly acquired Kenta Maeda.

The season is only a little more than a week or so old, but it looks like the Twins are just as good as anticipated. Of course, as many other Twins fans have suspected, the next time the Twins honestly threatened for a title, it would probably be in a season that was threatened to be canceled before it could be completed.

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