The Twins and their four spots

The Twins and their four spots


The Twins and their four spots


The Twins have been pretty good the last couple of years, and did a great job filling holes when they arose, either with added free agents, trade acquisitions or prospects. It seems like the Twins are at the beginning of their playoff window, and any major additions will be a luxury, rather than a necessity.

Do-Hyoung Park recently published a 2021 roster projection for the Twins. Notably, it includes the well anticipated subtraction of Eddie Rosario, who is projected to make more money than the Twins would need to spend to replace him, particularly given a glut of corner outfield prospects, a position of which there is never a shortage anyways.

Aside from that, there were no major changes to the roster, save for the subtraction of free agents, and the addition of Trevor Blankenhorn, Brett Rooker and Nick Gordon to the roster, and it was still pretty good. It left space for four external additions, one utility player, a starter and two relievers. For a good young team, it makes a lot of sense, not messing with a good thing.

For the Twins, though, it seems ludicrous that they wouldn’t try to swing for the fences. At least, that’s how it seems to a fan base who has seen their team go nearly two decades since picking up a playoff victory. and has always had a significant flaw to point at.

This offseason, the Twins don’t really have a clear mandate. Sure, you will read many other Twins writers who advocate for another big move, like the two the Twins pulled last year, acquiring Josh Donaldson and Kenta Maeda, but logic says that it wouldn’t do that much, because the Twins area already built to be playoff bount.

If you anticipate that the offensive opening will go to Nelson Cruz, then the last three spots would go to pitchers, a starter who could slot in at any role, and two relievers, who likely wouldn’t have a great impact on the outcome of many games.

It feels like the Twins should make moves to try to break this awful curse we seem to be living under, but the current administration has only battled it in recent seasons, and has made the team better since they joined the organization. Don’t expect an overwhelming groundswell this offseason and remember the front office doesn’t share the fan base’s entire traumatic history.


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