Cleveland will be rebranded

Cleveland will be rebranded


Cleveland will be rebranded


One of the Twins’ divisional rivals will be operating under a new name by the 2022 season. It’s been a long time coming. They have been known as the Indians for a century, and have been gradually steering away from the worst parts of their branding. They’ve abandoned a very problematic logo, which was even worse in a bygone era, and Cleveland is now moving to a new nickname altogether.

I won’t say this often, and I may not ever say it again: Way to go, Cleveland.

For the record, I hope they choose to engage in their long time history, either with the club, and call themselves the Spiders once again, but I would be OK if they went with a part of the city’s history, and called themselves the River Fire.

It would be a mistake for a team with as long a history as theirs to get too modern too quickly. They shouldn’t use only the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an inspiration. They should try to come up with nickname quickly, though. The Washington Football Team is cute and all, but they are called that because they changed their name under duress, and almost entirely against their ownership’s will. It’s the result of incompetence and belligerence to the end. They will be tied in the history books because of their disrespectful mascots in the past, they don’t need to carry the similarities forward, especially since Cleveland’s move is more coordinated and seems to have been in the works for much longer than just this season, though surely our nation’s summer pushed the team in the right direction.

Whatever caused Cleveland to make this move, I’m looking forward to their 4th place finish in the AL Central next season.


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